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Nick Edwards


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avatartsdesigns over 13 years ago

Sounds like a great idea to me. I'd follow it if I were on twitter but alas i'm not, too many social networks i'm on at the moment, it's distracting me from real work...

Although it seems that they are mostly (if not all) for Photoshop. Might be a good idea (if the following on twitter ends up being popular) to use the same idea but for each section (or at least the more popular sections). I know you wouldn't have a tutorial posted in some of the categories each day, but you could just do it weekly or something for those. A little more work but it would be a nice idea for those who come to this site for a specific category of tutorials.

avatartsdesigns over 13 years ago

Thats some cool updates there!

Just wondering if you intend on implementing some sort of filtering resluts on tutorials submitted by a certain user (e.g. so it only shows the ones that have been accepted, or only shows those that didn't get accepted, that kind of thing)? IMO it'd be a pretty good idea.