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Illustrator » Drawing — over 9 years ago
With this tutorial, Miguel Cardona is going to work through ways of creating digital portrait illustrations that have a unique and somewhat tactile feel of marker and watercolor. This tutorial will focus on using a drawing tablet and Adobe Illustrator. There will be a focus on technique and technical settings, but the overall product will rely on your own personal style and taste.
Photoshop » Drawing — over 9 years ago
In this tutorial, we will create a little penguin character with simple technique. Mostly, we will using the Ellipse Tool, the Direct Selection Tool, the Path Selection Tool and effect on the blending options. So, you should know the basic’s of shape and path.
Photoshop » Designing — over 9 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Business cards are used for various business transactions. It is a good tool to bridge the gap between you and your clients or business associates.
HTML » Forms — over 9 years ago
Business on the web nowadays revolves around certain broad niches – freelancing, blogging, selling goods or services, managing online stock. Every biz that is centered around a website needs an effective interface for collecting leads and managing visitors’ contact information.
HTML » Color Theory — over 9 years ago
Color can be an important visual communications device that can intimately affect the psychology of the observer on a subconscious level. It can help determine a consumer’s relationship with a given product or company and play an important role in branding.
HTML » Basics — over 9 years ago
What is the first thing your visitor will notice when they visit your website? Chances are, they’ll be drawn straight to the visual graphics on your page. This will grab their attention and prompt them to engage with your content.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 9 years ago
When taking photos of your car to post online, making them appealing really helps in the sale. Here are ten techniques to take appealing shots of your ride.
Photography » Technique — over 9 years ago
The 20th century marked the rise of photography.It was during this time that photography has become widely recognized as a commercial service. It was used for taking scenic landscapes and family pictures – both of which, prior to the invention of the camera, were commissioned to artists.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 9 years ago
Photo-blogs are getting more and more popular these days, owing to those cameras in phones that are better than an average DSLR camera and quite a lot of apps that let you post your images to the blogs directly from
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 9 years ago — reviewed, not listed
First photography went digital and now it has gone Twitter. Twitter is great for getting your information and getting it fast and under 140 words.