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Trakoiram's Comments


Steve Patterson


Joined about 15 years ago.

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avatarTrakoiram almost 13 years ago

Sorry, spelling error in first word of title.

avatarTrakoiram over 13 years ago

Sorry, not sure what I did wrong but somehow my Photoshop tutorial has ended up in the Illustrator section. Do I need to resubmit it?

avatarTrakoiram over 14 years ago

Thanks, I always try to write with beginner Photoshop users in mind. There's plenty of tutorials out there for people who already know what they're doing, but they're not very useful for people who are still trying to learn the basics.

avatarTrakoiram over 14 years ago

Well then thank you Zach. :)

avatarTrakoiram over 14 years ago

Thanks Eli, and thanks to you or whoever was kind enough to correct my mistake in the title. I appreciate it.

avatarTrakoiram over 14 years ago

Okay, so the title was supposed to say "Photoshop Classic Effect". My bad.

avatarTrakoiram almost 15 years ago


Sorry that I don't post more comments. I do visit this site regularily, even when I'm not posting a tutorial myself, and I think this is a great website.

The comment by zasul, however, implies that my tutorial was "ripped" from another site, which it was not, and even if the comment was a mistake as you point out, the thousands of people each day who visit this site would still be reading that comment, and that's not right.

Anyway, I've said enough, and I still think this is a great site. Cheers!

avatarTrakoiram almost 15 years ago


Normally I don't make or respond to comments, but since zasul seems to be making a public accusation of something, I have no choice but to respond. After reviewing the link posted in the above comment (a link to a website I'd never heard of until 2 minutes ago, which is in no way a reflection on the quality of the site itself), it is obvious that the final effect in both tutorials is similar. Similar, but not identical. And clearly, the tutorials themselves are not identical. Some of the steps are the same, since that's simply how the effect is best achieved, as anyone who's been using Photoshop for a while would know, but the tutorials themselves are in no way identical as zasul claims.

As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, I saw this effect used in a poster at a restaurant and thought it would be fun and easy to do in Photoshop. The effect itself has been around for decades, as indicated in the first comment posted above, and the fact that two out of the thousands of Photoshop tutorial sites on the internet posted similar tutorials on the same popular effect is coincidence, nothing more.

avatarTrakoiram almost 15 years ago

Hey there,

Well, I try to write tutorials so that even people who are just starting out with Photoshop can follow along, which means I try to list every step and include as many screenshots as possible so there's no confusion. I split them up across several pages for reasons that have nothing to do with page views. I find it easier to read a few steps and then click to the next page than to wear out my scroll wheel, plus not everyone has highspeed internet and shouldn't have to download every screenshot just to see if they're even interested in the tutorial.

So, I write them the way I do because I think it's the best way to do it. Plus, you know, they're free. :)