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avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

Sometimes, you do not expect the amount of goodness that could actually come to you out of simplest steps in routine course. Learning a whole new things from your brother out of a visit to him is invaluable gains of life. Experiences like this deserve tweeting and retweeting for sure.

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago
Original Post: Boom! Feature Requests

Distinguished community here! I have seen people making millions by merely taking up fiver gigs, I have seen the crypto exchanges rising from very nascent stage of DEX. But, I have also seen LOT many getting stuck up at beginners' stage of an Infopreneur for years committing same mistakes. What do you think is the biggest determinant? NOTE: When I see the rise of Heroku and its acquisition by salesforce for hundreds of millions I am simply blown away. What do you think the number one factor behind all the major successes??

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago

The Android App written by Liam McElroy is although no longer working (or may have been developed later under a different name which am unable to figure out) but for sure the Codes are going to rule the world. The Codes have revolutionize our jobs and career and future careers in AI, MI, Blockchain, VR, AR are all dependent on the codes only. We need to change the way we think. It is only the difference of thoughts and vision that gave birth to Heroku. I can't find any better example!!

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago

O My god! Heroku has become such a big name in the Paas Industry, what a transition! While people are fighting between Socialism -vs- capitalism, the visionary behind Heroku have made it SO big a name. Only a while back checked with Wikipedia and I was just blown away by this giant Polyglot Cloud platform. For a layman like me, can any one enlighten how to make best of Heroku???

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

While People like me are vocal in expressing their interests and preferences almost in every sphere of their life, they have also become very much informed in paying their taxes. And, a big credit for this, goes to the publishers on web who sometimes seem to be posting the insider view of tax regimes by simplifying tax jargons in the simplest possible manner. Taxes are something that spare none. Sometimes directly at other time indirectly!

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

Nature has always been close to my heart and its no denying fact that the civilization has never been this crazy about exploring natural ways of living, be it wearing of fragrances without chemicals or choosing cotton cloths over synthetic fabrics. People prefer Essential oils and Attars over synthetic chemicals and their choices are extremely logical in the sense that when something is available in nature why to use harmful chemicals. After all synthetic chemicals are alien to human body.

avatarPrevOfficer 9 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

Checked the twitter Profile, It seems after holman there is no one delegated to handle the social media for good tutorials. I am crazy about two things: one, social media and two, keeping myself in optimum health. While I get inspired by the twitter handle of good-tutorials and other such humanity serving initiatives, I also get inspired by innocuous healthy way of living and the legendary formalizing it. Although, late introduced to it, Cleansing intestines Naturally should be part of daily ritual in everyone's life. If practiced right, it offers immense health benefits