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Chris Peura


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avatarNehle about 15 years ago

well maybe you should share your ideas with your moderators and get their feedback. Their sure to share a similar idea as us (the visitors), seeing as how moderators are people too :P

avatarNehle about 15 years ago

I believe that GT should stay along the lines of web development, much like Tanz stated.

I think stuff like CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, etc. would be a lot more useful than tutorials about 3DS MAX or Windows Vista.

I also think programs like Dreamweaver or Fireworks would be a nice addition.

But if GT is going to expand out (much like P2L), then I think that tutorials should be related to, if not consisting of multi-media. For instance, After Effects would be a good one, or maybe Fruity loops.

Over all, GT is a great site, but we should always keep the limits in mind...