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avatarFilm11 over 14 years ago
Original Tutorial: Proffesional Logo

Anyone else get extremely slow loading on this tutorial?

avatarFilm11 almost 15 years ago

Excellent collection of tips there.

avatarFilm11 almost 15 years ago


Quick question: do you have any idea when the "Forgotten Password" feature will be added? I am an extremely forgetful person unfortunately so I often find myself needing it! :)


avatarFilm11 almost 15 years ago
Original Tutorial: Glamour Effect

No tutorial in Firefox, also reported.

avatarFilm11 almost 15 years ago

The site looks nice and modern. However, the text is a bit small which I find unsettling, probably me just used to the old version though so I'm sure I'll settle with it eventually.

Congrats on getting the new site up relatively hitch free! ;)