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Chris Gilmore


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avatarChris almost 13 years ago

Nice! Wasn't expecting it so quickly after you started beta testing.... guess you've been really hard at work.

avatarChris about 13 years ago

Sounds good; can't wait. You know you can always count on me to help beta test or do anything.

avatarChris over 13 years ago

I've downloaded this but I'm still going to buy it. There's something nice to owning a physical copy of good quality reference books for your shelf.

Greate business model - wouldn't buy it if it wasn't for this download :)

avatarChris about 14 years ago


Is it some type of Web 2.0 Social Networking thing?

avatarChris over 14 years ago

Maybe keep this web development only then...

avatarChris over 14 years ago

CSS, Audio & Video Editing (Audacity, After Effects..)

avatarChris over 14 years ago

If only I could get InstantRails working....

avatarChris over 14 years ago


avatarChris over 14 years ago

Lol Zach....

How about This Week in Good-Tutorials? TWiGT

avatarChris over 14 years ago

Great! I'm starting to get into a more regular moderation feel and I love it!

All GT needs now is a podcast...