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PHP Tutorials — Templating

PHP » Templating — almost 10 years ago
Using these quick snippets, you can display the number of RSS subscribers, Twitter followers or Facebook fans you have, in your WordPress site to lend some credibility and further advertise your social networks.
PHP » Templating — almost 10 years ago
How you can create ajax PHP guestbook with own unique design. Our records will be saved into SQL database.
PHP » Templating — about 10 years ago
Create own voting system for your items (any units at your website) with PHP.
PHP » Templating — about 10 years ago
How to create awesome CSS3 pagination with next/last and multi stylesheets
PHP » Templating — about 10 years ago
WordPress shortcodes are one of the greatest features that enable you to perform functions inside of wordpress posts. WordPress shortcodes allow quick customizing of the layout and inserting certain formatting snippets. In this tutorial I’ll introduce you to wordpress shortcodes and show you how to make your own.
PHP » Templating — over 10 years ago
I’m often asked about how to create an extremely simple MVC boilerplate for small projects which don’t require a massive framework, like CodeIgniter or CakePHP. We’ll build a solution in ten minutes or so.
PHP » Templating — over 11 years ago
This tutorial will show you one way to create Wordpres custom post templates. Create unique designs for posts in Wordpress
PHP » Templating — over 11 years ago
This small php tutorial will guide you how to simple Insert Ads Inside / between Post Contents in WordPress
PHP » Templating — almost 12 years ago
Learn how to use the include function for common elements, but still display unique information for each page.
PHP » Templating — almost 12 years ago
It’s common to find an author’s credit and bio at the end of a blog post, especially on blogs that post content from multiple writers. Using a cocktail of Wordpress template tags, an info section can be easily put together to showcase the author’s Gravatar profile image, their name, link to their website and short bio.
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