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PHP Tutorials — Date and Time

PHP » Date and Time — over 13 years ago
This tutorial walks you through how to use a few simple functions - strotime(), date(), and rand() - to find a random date in PHP. The end result is a simple one-line command, which you can place in a function and re-use in your own scripts.
PHP » Date and Time — almost 14 years ago
Using the Timezone class to automatically deduce the timezone's GMT offset and then modify the date accordingly. I must admit that I was going to write you a simple timezone script and then tell you how easy it was. However, I came across some handy timezone_* functions and things got a little more difficult but a lot more practical. This script will allow you to display the time in any timezone you wish, without any ifs, buts or maybes along the way.
PHP » Date and Time — about 14 years ago
If you want to impose restrictions on age when people visit your website, or sign up, you'll need to calculate a user's age through a form - since web servers aren't psychic - yet.
PHP » Date and Time — about 14 years ago
Discusses the uses of the date function, showing examples of how to implement parameters, how to literally process characters within it, and more. Concludes with a list of most date function parameters, descriptions of what they output and examples.
PHP » Date and Time — over 14 years ago
This is a simple snippet of code that will return an array of days between two dates.
PHP » Date and Time — over 14 years ago
Ok, so how do you format dates in PHP so it outputs the date format you want? Well thanks to PHP’s date() and strtotime() function, we can do all that!
PHP » Date and Time — over 14 years ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a calendar script in PHP. We will create a simple but good looking - easy customizable via CSS - calendar table.
PHP » Date and Time — over 14 years ago
With PHP's date function you format timestamps, so they are more human readable. The following tutorial will teach you how to display the current time, formating PHP's timestamp, and show you all the various date arguments for reference purposes.
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