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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Basics — over 8 years ago
There is currently a great amount of unrest in Brazil. Police officers barricade the streets as protesters riot with flags and shouts of discontent, cans of tear gas are thrown into the crowds to keep them at bay, and more and more of the stories are coming out as photographers take to the streets and record the violent actions taking place.
Photography » Basics — over 7 years ago
Once the world’s largest shopping center, Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio now looks like it was pulled straight out of Resident Evil or The Walking Dead.
Photography » Basics — over 7 years ago
Timelapse refers to capturing a series of images at a predetermined frame rate. It’s most commonly used to show scenes that evolve slowly. For example, this method could be used to show the movement of clouds or sunsets at a faster rate than would ever be seen in a natural setting. Sequences are becoming increasingly common in television programs such as news, nature programs, and title sequences.
Photography » Basics — over 7 years ago
An international collective consisting of Europe, Japan, and the US is responsible for the work ALMA is doing and, though its official launch was just a year ago at the time of writing, the images that are being made have already given astronomers and scientists new information to study. Even with only 16 antennas in working order, the scientists have been able to view new stars being formed in over 26 galaxies that averaged over 11.7 billion light-years away.
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