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Java Tutorials

Java » JSP and Servlets — about 12 years ago
Step by step tutorial on introduction to Servlet Filters
Java » Frameworks — about 12 years ago
Step by step tutorial on Lucene, the full text API in Java
Java » Best Practices — over 12 years ago
This extract will take you through a chapter “Using Themes” from this book. Themes are used to establish visual coherence through all the screens of an application. The LWUIT Designer is the tool that displays, edits and builds the themes that define how your applications will look. In this chapter, you will learn about themes, their usage and how they can be created.
Java » Frameworks — over 12 years ago
This chapter describes several methods used to import data in Solr; from its native XML to databases and rich documents, Solr offers a variety of possibilities to ingest data into its index. The use of a popular Solr extension called the DataImportHandler is also demonstrated.
Java » Frameworks — over 12 years ago
Through this tutorial by Flex enthusiast and evangelist, Satish Kore, users will be able to understand E4X and learn to work with XML data using Flex's E4X. They will also learn how to load external XML files and use XML as a data provider. Readers will be able to create a sample books explorer application using various concepts, such as custom component, event creation, data binding, and E4X.
Java » JSP and Servlets — over 12 years ago
Intro to Spring MVC
Java » JSP and Servlets — over 12 years ago
Learn how to integrate Spring and Tiles with a simple example.
Java » Frameworks — over 12 years ago
In this two-part article by Jonathon Wong and Rupert Howell, we will be exploring the Service Engine. Services in OFBiz operate in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). These services not only have the ability to invoke other services internally, but can also be 'opened up' and invoked by remote applications using, amongst other methods, the widely adopted messaging protocol SOAP.
Java » Frameworks — over 12 years ago
Themes and templates provide another means of encapsulating functionality and/or appearance across an entire application. The use of existing themes can be a great benefit, particularly when doing early prototyping of a site, and are often sufficient for the finished product. It also includes determining what our particular needs are, and modifying or creating our own themes, adding and removing functionality as appropriate. This article covers the basics and opens the door to implementing any e
Java » File Management — over 12 years ago
Every developer's favorite task is documenting their application. In this chapter, we will look at the many aspects of documentation, including "self-documenting" code, Javadocs, generators, methodologies, and so on, with a focus on automating as much documentation as possible.
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