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HTML » Basics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Site speed affects your SEO and user experience. Learn how to use Google Analytics Reports to identify weak areas and make improvements.
PHP » Basics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hi all,for setting the amazon product API you will need amazon associates account and AWS account. Create the account using this link: http://aws.amazon.com/. For full blog please visit the link mentioned.
PHP » Security — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this blog we have explained how to Add/Delete group price in magneto pro-grammatically. We have described in this blog step by step process with complete programming(code).You can easily understand how to use in magneto. You can read complete blogs http://findnerd.com/list/view/AddDelete-group-price-in-magento-pro-grammatically-/642/
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this blog we have explained about "How to make the sale Order Double Validation in OpenERP/Odoo". Sales module OpenERP is utilized to manage Sales from OpenERP. In OpenEPR v7, when a sale is engendered, Utilizer have the option to attest the sale to engendered invoice and/or distribution order predicated on the configuration take in the sale order.Read Full Blog- http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-make-the-sale-Order-Double-Validation-in-OpenERPOdoo-/6599/
Java » Basics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hello In today's blog post we will discuss about a common error that occurs while building an Android based project in Phone Gap. For more visit the link.
HTML » Basics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Project management is pivotal to success of every project. But traditional means of project management have become obsolete now as they are not as effective as expected for some domains like software development. With traditional approach, project managers often face problems in planning, monitoring and controlling.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Front-end development is basically a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript used to create websites or web apps that allow users to have direct interaction.In this blogs We have explained all about front -end development with angular JS, You can read Read full blog http://findnerd.com/list/view/Front-end-Development-With-AngularJS/9193
PHP » Basics — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Web-designing plays a key role in making an Ecommerce site not only attractive to customers but turn their respective searches into successful sales too. Customers often find an item they are looking for through search engine results, but they click on it and then close the page in seconds. For more visit the link mentioned.
HTML » Document Structure — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this blog we have described "Why Mobile is Rising in Popularity"Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the medium of entertainment, shopping, social media engagement, gaming and many more. As users can carry smartphones anywhere, they like the idea of buying an item on the go they come across as a good deal. Yopu can Read full blog at http://findnerd.com/list/view/Why-Mobile-Commerce-Is-Rising-In-Popularity/9339.
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a photo manipulation of the emerald city of oz in adobe photoshop