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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Basics — almost 7 years ago
The tool presets in Photoshop are some of the most under-utilized, yet super-useful functions in Photoshop. Presets save custom settings, allowing you to reproduce the same look or action to images with minimal effort. They’re especially helpful if you have multiple images that need a certain look or feel to them or if you have a setting you use over and over again.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 6 years ago
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a stylized portrait made from newspapers in Adobe Photoshop.
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 11 years ago
So you just got into Google Buzz few days ago and would like to embed your buzz stream into a website yourself. Here are a few jQuery lines to help you get started.
Photography » Lighting — over 7 years ago
A single strobe on the hot shoe of your camera can be surprisingly useful. Some photographers prefer to mount their portable strobe on a bracket, but that practice is being utilized less often these days. In the old days, there was no direct communication between the camera and the strobe.
Photography » Technique — over 7 years ago
Waterfalls have been a compelling subject for photographers since the the birth of the art form; they represent Mother Nature at her most powerful and beautiful. How, then, do we keep making interesting photos of something so often captured? In this video, Bryan Peterson demonstrates how, by combining the glory of nature with a bit of artistic intervention, you can do just that:
Photoshop » Textures — over 15 years ago
A tutorial on how to create wooden buttons.
Photography » Basics — about 8 years ago
If you’ve dabbled in photography, you know how hard it is to get the perfect shot. Sure, you’ve read tutorials, carefully researched equipment upgrades, practiced and prepared. Nevertheless, luck is still crucial for capturing a magic moment.
Photography » Lighting — about 8 years ago
McNally’s lighting diagram simplifies his setup. He used a 14-24mm zoom lens, a Speedlight Commander, and three speedlights shot through a Lastolite 8-in-1 Umbrella with its covers removed. Shooting three strobes through the umbrella resulted in faster recycling time and more power to simulate a larger light source.
Illustrator » Effects — almost 6 years ago
Today we’ll talk a little bit about the two most common types of symmetry and using tools so you can quickly and easily create symmetrical objects in Adobe Illustrator. And this is important, because symmetry is used in all kinds of design, architecture, painting and other visual arts.
Photoshop » Effects — over 11 years ago
In this photoshop tutorial we wull create a totally free style wallpaper for today, so we will be sketching a shape with basic brush I guess and then overlay it with bright colors.
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