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PHP: How to Add Page Slug in Body Class of your WordPress

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PHP » Templating — almost 6 years ago
Here's a handy WordPress code snippet which can be useful in adding post slug as class to the body tag.


avatarnicknone almost 6 years ago

we recommend that you put it in your theme’s functions.php file.

//Page Slug Body Class function add_slug_body_class( $classes ) { global $post; if ( isset( $post ) ) { $classes[] = $post->post_type . '-' . $post->post_name; } return $classes; } add_filter( 'body_class', 'add_slug_body_class' );

Now you will start seeing a new body class being outputted like this: page-{slug}. Use that class to override your default styles and customize elements for specific pages.

For example, if you were trying to modify a div with widgets class. You can have your css like this:

sidebar .widgets{background: #fff; color: #000;}

.page-education #sidebar .widgets{background: #000; color: #fff;}

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