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Flash: Bobble Head Characters - Hilarious, Interactive and Customizable

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Flash » Actionscript — almost 14 years ago
Ever wanted to make your own Bobble Head? I'll show you how to make an hilarious interactive Bobble Head using Flash and Actionscript.


avatarmatadorqk almost 14 years ago

I know basic flash, and I found your tutorial pretty funny in fact. I enjoyed the steps, you could of been a tiny bit more explained but it was decent. A couple minor glitches. 1. If you pull her head completely down you 'break her neck'. 2. If you leave it moving after clicking it, it's head goes like, epileptic.

avatarPixelHiveDesign almost 14 years ago

thx. 1. yep, if you pull it all the way down to bottom of screen flash draws the curved line with a small break in it. But doesn't hurt the bobble head any.

  1. The epileptic thing is just an idle state instead of having the bobble head go completely still. It can be tweaked. It's in the ax and ay calculations. Math.random() + 5
avatar9559 almost 14 years ago

Anyone else have trouble with this? I'm using Flash CS3, AS2 file and I end up with the neck on top of the face and no mouse interaction...

avatarPixelHiveDesign almost 14 years ago

I believe you emailed me as well. You must give the bobble_head movieclip an instance name of 'bobble_head' in the properties panel. Without that step, the mouse code can not talk to the head =).

avatarqnewera over 8 years ago

i made one from www.bobblei.com it ok.

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