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Flash: 21 ways to make your Flash based site suck

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Flash » Basics — about 14 years ago
I’m not a fan of ‘Flash based’ sites and the main reason for that is barely no-one does them properly. So here’s a list of 21 ways to make your Flash based site suck, so that the next time you build a Flash based site you can really hit that


avatarsktzofrenic about 14 years ago

An amusing read but doesn't really categorize well on this site since it has nothing to do with photoshop or image editing. If only gt had a humor section :)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

...it's listed in the Flash section, sktzofrenic. :)

avatarGPNS about 14 years ago

Good;D 4 and respect:P

avatarCki about 14 years ago

Why is this in the basic section? For any beginners, all they have learned is what this guy does not like about flash pages. Some may agree with him some may not but it still does not teach a beginner in Flash much other than not to do anything that this short fused person doesnt like..........

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