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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.


Posted about 15 years ago — 69 comments

Not much of a suprise here; CSS and HTML tutorials have been added to Good-Tutorials. It just seems fitting given the increasing usage and popularity of the PHP and Ruby on Rails sections of the site. I was planning on just doing CSS first or just doing HTML first, but I figured that there'd be a lot of confusion, with HTML tutorials being submitted in the CSS section or vice versa, so you're getting two new topics today. :)

And, as usual, a lot going on behind the scenes in the past couple of days- should be some performance gains, and I cleaned up some formatting on tutorials a few days ago. The front page only has blog post titles instead of a short description, and I finally got around to paginating the blog itself. And lately I've been spending a lot of time planning and researching some of the major features I have planned for release in the next month or two... ;)

Adobe Illustrator, Speedups, and Updates

Posted about 15 years ago — 66 comments

Today I'm pleased to announce the addition of Adobe Illustrator to the family of tutorials here at Good-Tutorials. This is in part due to the high demand shown in the previous blog post; thanks to all of those who commented. I think this will be a pretty healthy addition to the site, and hopefully it helps start driving some more attention to Illustrator (and Illustrator tutorials) in general.

Alongside Illustrator, there's a few of the normal updates as well. There were a few non-trivial database optimizations tossed on the site, so theoretically there will be some speedups on tutorial pages (although whether or not you really notice it might be another question). Regardless, I've been pretty happy with load times since the launch of the new version.

Also a few bug fixes: the pagination links are displayed normally again (not spaced out all funky-like), a couple backend updates, and there was one or two other smaller CSS fixes tossed in there at some point too. Nothing major at the moment, but that mostly reflects my current schedule. I'll free up a lot of time in a few weeks, and once I hit that there will be some much larger additions that I can focus my efforts on.

Tutorials: what do you want to see next?

Posted about 15 years ago — 103 comments

I have a pretty good idea of which sort of tutorials will be appearing on Good-Tutorials over the next couple of weeks and months. Some of them are for your run-of-the-mill software, some of them include some new areas not quite touched upon yet. So I know which tutorials I'd like to include eventually, but I'd love to have your input on what you'd like to see sooner rather than later. I'm pretty flexible on the order of when I add tutorial topics.

So if you have any input, now's the time. Which areas are you most interested in? What new topics are you going to be learning in the next couple of weeks?

Bucketload of smaller updates

Posted about 15 years ago — 66 comments

I just pushed out a bunch of (albeit smaller) updates to the site. For the most part you might not notice many changes, although there might be a smaller minority of you out there where this will really help you out. Here's a quick listing of most of these changes.

  • Search now works for special characters, like "web 2.0".
  • RSS is updated to better handle tutorials without thumbnails (like PHP or Ruby tutorials).
  • Tutorials without thumbnails (again, PHP or Ruby tutorials, for example) now get a link on their individual page (ie, the stats, comments, share, etc page). In other words, if you're commenting on a tutorial, you can finally click on the title of the tutorial to view it.
  • Fixed some issues with URLs and special characters on those individual tutorial pages.
  • User profiles now show a healthy limit to your most recent comments.
  • You can check out the number of comments on your tutorials on your tutorial management page in your account.
  • Fixed some small issues with the formatting of a category's name.
  • A cool update for moderators (check out the queue, guys).
  • Some backend refinements to help with the tutorial submission process.
  • The favicon is back in your address bar.

So no, not a bunch of really cool new features, but hopefully this will help make for a smoother experience overall. I'm not just sitting back and relaxing over here. :) Besides which, there'll be plenty of fun stuff coming soon enough.

Good-Tutorials on Rails

Posted about 15 years ago — 88 comments

It's about that time again for some additions. I'll just go out and admit it- this one's out of selfishness. Good-Tutorials started in PHP, then moved to Java, and it's developed in Ruby on Rails right now. I like Ruby on Rails. I really like it. So I figure, what self-respecting owner of a tutorial website could go without their favorite language and framework listed?

I tried just making a Ruby category and then shoehorning Rails into it (as is the proper way of doing things), but I couldn't seem to make it fit- Ruby's a big topic on its own, and mixing Rails into it really tends to confuse things. For that reason, we're unveiling two new topics today: Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. I'm hoping this will be a very popular section of the site in time, given the strong growth of Ruby on Rails in the web development sector as of late. I have a blast developing my projects in RoR... maybe with some of these tutorials coming you'd like to give it a shot, too. :)

I'll be popping in with a new post in the next few days concerning a few more code updates to the site. Also, if you're still interested in moderating, send in your apps; I'll start approving people as moderators in the next couple of days, too.