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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.

A slight refresh

Posted almost 15 years ago — 139 comments

So with all of these minor tweaks, additions, and behind-the-scenes retooling, it seemed appropriate to make some more readily apparent changes. I'll call it a slight refresh.

The menu is probably the first thing that caught your eye. The uppercase menu text has been dropped for a more legible menu listing, with stronger color. Readability is the goal here. I've also split up the different sections of the menu so it's not just one big blob on the side of the screen. This isn't necessarily the last iteration of the menu that you'll see, as things might be changing as more topics are added.

One of the reasons the menu changed, however, was that I moved the category listings (not the topic listings) from the sidebar to inside the topic pages itself. For example, here's the new tutorial listing for Photoshop:


Categories within the topic are moved to the top of the tutorial listings, and the tutorial sorting and RSS feed link are integrated rather than just floating about.

There's also some more minor style changes across the site... for example, uppercase has been dropped from headings, too, and error boxes aren't so crazy ugly. There should be some more additions to the site in the next few days as well, so feel free to keep your eyes peeled. :)

3ds Max, meet Good-Tutorials

Posted almost 15 years ago — 66 comments

After adding the usual suspects (Flash, Illustrator, PHP, etc.), the suggestion that kept popping up in my inbox was fairly consistently "Add 3ds Max to Good-Tutorials!". While I don't want to dilute the main focus of Good-Tutorials with every random bit of software (you won't find any tutorials for WordPerfect 9 any time soon, for example), it seems like there's a lot of overlap between those interested in what's currently listed on Good-Tutorials and those interested in learning more about 3ds Max. So, after a day or two while we wait for the first few 3ds Max tutorials to be submitted, go ahead and check out the new 3ds Max tutorials.

Inviting moderators: here's your chance to help Good-Tutorials

Posted almost 15 years ago — 91 comments

As you might have heard, the tutorials showing up on Good-Tutorials are rated on by a team of moderators. The good ones make the front page, the bad ones don't. The big hook about this approach is that you need to have a healthy amount of good people at the helm helping pick out which tutorials are good and which aren't so good. We've been doing a pretty good job since launch in keeping up with the queue of submitted tutorials- most tutorials are reviewed with 24 hours of submission, which is a big change from traditional review periods. But, again, the more qualified people we can get working on this the better.

It's a volunteer position, but all we ask is to log in every day or every other day, rate a few tutorials and that's about it. If you're already on a near-daily basis and seem to understand which tutorials you like and which you don't, you're exactly the person we're looking for. In the future there will be additional, more tangible benefits for those moderators that have been dependable and überhelpful. In the meantime, if you're interested, send me an email to goodness ./at/. good-tutorials.com. In the email, include just one simple sentence as to why you think you'd be a good fit. Also include your Good-Tutorials username- that's helpful in seeing how active you've been on the site in the past.

Substantial updates behind-the-scenes

Posted almost 15 years ago — 69 comments

I'm not sure if you noticed it at all, but Good-Tutorials was down for a few hours last Thursday or Friday, keeping in line with the regular tradition of going down when I happen to be away from my normal work machines and connection (this last downtime was fixed on a 10 year old machine running Windows 98 using AOL 6.0 over dialup).

Anyway, a temporary fix was slapped on until I could get to a more up-to-date environment. After a couple days of investigating and optimizing, I'm feeling a whole lot better about performance, resource usage, and overall stability, so hopefully this sort of downtime will become even less frequent into the future. There aren't any shiny new features for you to play with right now, but there is a lot going into the site behind the scenes nonetheless. Changes all around, really- code, database, web server, application server, OS, and so on. Good-Tutorials is increasingly becoming more popular (which is great), but scalability is always a major concern, although hopefully the worse is behind us.

However, I've done enough of this sort of thing to always be wary of the one-in-a-million chance happenings that, well, can happen, so if you notice any bugs please let me know so I can get on them as soon as possible.

There's also a chance that I might be rocking some DNS changes by the end of the week or the end of next week: by all accounts this should really be unnoticeable in regard to accessing good-tutorials.com, but there's a chance that a handful of emails might be missed. If you email me and don't get a prompt response, by all means resend it, just in case it did get lost in the move. Along those lines, there's a chance I might be moving to a new email address, too, although I'll definitely have a grace period for the old account. I'll keep you in the loop if there's anything amiss.

Thanks for bearing with me through all of this!

Users, you may now sort your tutorials

Posted almost 15 years ago — 90 comments

I launched the new version of the site on the pretext of getting it out the door quickly, so everyone could use the site's new features. To do that, I skimped out on a couple features with the intention to pick up those extra features within a month of the site's release. I did nail down a majority of those issues and features in the first few weeks after release, but one thing that has been notably missing has been tutorial sorting. Until now, that is.

Go ahead and check it out: most-commented Photoshop tutorials. On each page you can now sort by date (the default listing), rating, comments, clicks, and saves. Unfortunately it wasn't something I could just toss in there in a couple minutes; I had to change a few things around on the backend. The result of fiddling with those changes is that each page view on the site is roughly 25-50% faster. Not too shabby when you add new features to the site and it reduces load on the server.

I know this feature should have been in there earlier and I know I haven't been adding a lot of stuff to the site in the past few weeks, but this is a good start to getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully it'll help a lot of you out; sorting by comments and by rating in particular is something that I find particularly nifty. So feel free to help everyone out by rating tutorials and commenting when you want to share your experiences on a particular tutorial.