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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.

Promoting Photography

Posted about 14 years ago — 83 comments

"Photography" was a relative newcomer to the Photoshop section on Good-Tutorials. It's a good chance that if you're a Photographer, you probably use Photoshop too, after all.

Since then, we've expanded from just Photoshop to a number of different topics. Photography has always been a bit neglected by being cordoned off under Photoshop. That's no longer the case; we've just moved those tutorials into their very own Photography section. Right now everything is filed away under the category of "basics", so bear with us while we go in and reevaluate each Photography tutorial and move them into their proper new categories.

In the meantime... if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see next, sound off in the comments. Have a good one!

Good-Tutorials goes Java

Posted over 14 years ago — 86 comments

As sunjester mentioned in a previous post a few days ago, it's been awhile since we've added new sections to Good-Tutorials. It's true; we've been vamping on the same basic topics for awhile, so we're adding a new topic today: Java Tutorials.

For those of you who have been around for awhile, you might recall that Good-Tutorials ran on Java for a good year and a half or two, so we're happy to have the language on Good-Tutorials now. More sections will be on the way; post a comment or shoot me an email (zach@) if you have any specific suggestions on what you'd like to see next on Good-Tutorials.

Seeking some additional moderators

Posted over 14 years ago — 75 comments

I've been planning on getting some new features out to expand the moderation process a bit lately but I've been moving through primary computers for a good 3-4 weeks now, so I haven't really been in the development saddle, so to speak. I'm hoping this situation will be fixed up by this week so I can start getting some solid work finished on new features for Good-Tutorials.

In the meantime, that means that I don't quite have the moderation process where I'd envisioned it about a month ago, so to help keep the quality of tutorial moderation at the level we'd want it at I'm looking to get a few more volunteers on the moderation staff.

As I've mentioned a few times in the past, there aren't too many requirements beyond just making sure to go in and rate tutorials on a near-daily basis. I'm hoping that once I can get back to the regular pace of things I can start organizing some interesting fringe benefits for moderators, so that might tickle your fancy down the line if you're interested. In the meantime, it's just more of a casual task aimed towards those of you who are already visiting the site on a near-daily basis anyway.

If you're interested in joining the moderation crew, send an email to zach at good-tutorials with your username on the site and a quick sentence or two describing why you think you're a good fit to moderate tutorials. If you have any questions about becoming a moderator either let me know via email or just post a comment below. Thanks.

New feature of the night: edit your tutorial URLs

Posted over 14 years ago — 86 comments

Long time no update.

I admit; I've been busy in real life and just haven't been able to push out new and crafty updates like we'd all like. But tonight I pushed out a new, much-needed, and long-awaited feature: the ability to edit your own tutorial URLs.

It does happen from time to time: you switch hosts, you update your blogging software, and so on. The past few years we've relied on a non-standardized email process, which, if you've ever had to go through it, sucked. It was clunky, took too many steps, and just took awhile before changes finally were updated.

Now you can log in and move to your account management page: click on update your tutorial URLs and you can see a listing of all of your tutorials. Just paste in the changed URLs for whichever tutorial you're updating and that's it. There's still a review process here just so we can make sure that new URLs submitted are valid and working, but from this point it's really a one-click process that shouldn't take more than a day or so after you submit your updates. The result? If you change your website URLs around, you should only be a day or so away from getting them updated on Good-Tutorials, too.

Some housekeeping tasks, email

Posted almost 15 years ago — 92 comments

This is just as a bit of a notice more than anything else. I've shifted a bit on the hosting side of Good-Tutorials. It's very likely that you won't even notice a hiccup (the transfer is already propagating), but as with all of these types of things, there's the chance that there could be some downtime here and there. Naturally I'll keep an eye open, but I think there won't be any problems here.

Also, for those of you who have me in your address books, I'm shifting emails to zach ::at:: good-tutorials.com. The old "goodness" has worn out its welcome (years ago!) and will finally be retired in a few weeks hopefully.

In other news, I've started development on another site that conveniently might interest a lot of you regular Good-Tutorials users. But that's still further down the line. ;) In the meantime, I'm hoping to push out a few updates to Good-Tutorials over the next couple of weeks to keep things fresh and to clean up a few of the smaller issues on the site.

It also looks like Good-Tutorials might be getting some press later this year... I'll keep you posted.

Until next time... have a terribly super awesome day!