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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.

A Day of Fixes - Discounted Featured Tutorials

Posted about 15 years ago — 112 comments

So we've been through about a day and a half of the new version. There's been a lot happening- mostly bug fixes, but I'm happy that none of the bugs uncovered were very substantial. There's still a lot more to do, but I think I'm on a pretty decent pace for the moment.

A few hours ago I pushed out a new iteration with a whole bunch of bug fixes and issue corrections. Some of this included fixing the last remaining barriers to being completely valid XHTML Transitional, adding "change password" to your user account pages (I promise "forgot password" will be coming in the coming days), got daily and monthly click totals running again (although they aren't properly rotating as of now, but I'll probably do that short fix tomorrow), there were a few user profile fixes done, advertising optimizations, server-side speedups, and a whole bunch of smaller stuff that you'll probably never notice unless you look for them.

I still have about 10-15 items on my todo list of small things that I want to finish up on by the end of the week, but then at that point I can start going from "bug fixing" mode to "feature writing" mode.

As one last little treat now that the launch has happened and things seem a bit more relaxed- I've reduced the prices on featured tutorials by a whole bunch (front page is at $15/day, which is a little nuts). First come, first served, though, since the last time I did this I had got a whole slew of orders in a day or three, so it probably won't last long. I just want to get some more reactions to the featured tutorial process now that it's been greatly updated.

Have a good one!

Welcome to Good-Tutorials

Posted about 15 years ago — 151 comments

Welcome to the new version of Good-Tutorials. The transfer took a lot longer than expected, which was an unsettling development. Things were just running relatively great, and then all of the sudden we hit a major snag. Hopefully everything's running fine and dandy now, though- please comment if you notice anything amiss.

So... hooray! What's new, you say?

New Layout

Brand new layout. I love it and think it's a huge improvement over all my old designs, although I know there will always be that vocal minority who just think it's the worst design ever to grace anything. I'm not going to pay much attention to rants, but if you have any constructive criticism or comments, please let me know- I'll do what I can to improve things. I fixed a lot of IE6 bugs last night, but let me know if there are any other layout bugs that I should know about and I'll work on them- just post your browser+OS.

New Database

Okay, this isn't as nifty, but it's by far the largest change. The database powering the site is completely redone. That's part of the reason why the changeover took so long, but it'll hopefully be for the best. It should be pretty quick right now, but over the next few days and weeks I'll be optimizing the database further, so the site should overall be much faster than ever before.

New Tutorials

Well, the tutorials are still the same, but there are plenty of new aspects for the tutorials. The system is now moderated by a number of moderators instead of just one guy- this means there'll probably be more tutorials added that will appeal to you (and if you're a tutorial author this also means that your tutorials will be reviewed in 24 hours flat now). This is a really new way of handling tutorials, so forgive us if there's some growing pains in the first week or so- I'll be tweaking a few different parameters the first few days to try to find a happy medium to get the best tutorials on the front page. Along those lines- eventually there will be new tutorials added every half hour or hour, but for now it's going to be irregular while we catch up on the backlog of pending submissions from the old version. Also new to tutorials are ratings and comments, which are linked to your user account.

New Features for Authors

If you write tutorials, you're in for a treat. Just log in to your account and head to your user account dashboard for a slew of things you can do- including manage your tutorials, see your newly submitted tutorials, feature tutorials (a completely revamped process), and so on. There will be a few new aspects for tutorial authors added to the site in the next few weeks, so trust me, this is just the start.

New Topics

I've been asked in the past "alright, Good-Tutorials rocks, but why not add tutorials for xxxxxxx?" My answer has always been that I wanted to get the base process with one topic (Photoshop) streamlined until I expanded. Well, I think I've made good headway on that. With the new version there'll be new topics added, most likely on a weekly basis (more on this later). Right now you'll see there's only Photoshop listed, but after the first day or so without any major glitches, I'll be adding the first new topic or two. (If you really want to see something new, go ahead and comment on this blog post with your nomination for new topics- I have a good idea, but if there's a bunch of votes for a particular aspect, I'd love to hear it).

Reclaim Your Tutorials

Okay, so this isn't exactly the new hotness, but it should be done. If you've submitted tutorials before, you'll probably want those tutorials associated with your user account. For the most part it should be an automated process- just head to your old author page:


and there will be a link at the bottom to "reclaim tutorials". More information is on that page.

New Newness

Part of the cool thing about the new site is that it's so much more maintainable than before. This is something I've been wanted to do for awhile: regular updates. So with the new version of the site, there will be weekly updates with fun new stuff added to the site. You'll find them announced right here, on the new blog. I haven't decided when the best time for me will be to add new features, but eventually there will be a set day where you can come back each week to see something new- stay tuned. (Naturally, however, there will be a few fixes, tweaks, etc that will be made this first week as we adjust to growing pains with the new release, so th new week here will be busy for me).

Other Notes

There's a lot of other, more minor cool things added to the site that don't warrant a whole blog post. I probably didn't explain all the new stuff too well on this one, actually- I'm on the tail end of a 12-hour work session trying to get everything ready for the new version, so I'm pretty fried. So let me know if there's anything you're unclear about or have questions about.

There's still work to be done. Please take note of that. I mentioned in the old blog that I wanted to launch with a little bit fewer features in order to launch the site much sooner, since I think I hit most of the really important stuff. Features like additional XML feeds, some user account data, a few pages that used to be in the old menu, advanced search, etc., will be added first- probably in the first week or two after release, so don't fret if you don't see something here yet. I should have most of the major aspects, though.

My apologies in advance if you're still unclear on something or if you're angry that something's broken- as I've said, this isn't the final version, there will be plenty of work done over the next few days in particular and over the next week in general. In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy this new version- I've spent the last three months working on it, the last 12 hours straight transferring and setting it up, and the new few days fixing it, so have fun with it while I try to relax for a few days. :o) And please, comment away on this post- I would absolutely love to hear what you think about it.

Have a good one!