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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.

Recruiting some moderators

Posted about 15 years ago — 92 comments

The core of the group of current moderators was recruited from the prior version of Good-Tutorials, when the focus of Good-Tutorials was on Photoshop. As we've now obviously expanded to Flash and PHP (with many more topics in the pipeline), it's become clear that it'd be nice to get some moderators on the team that weren't exclusively Photoshop-oriented.

As I've mentioned before, it's not a terribly huge job; just come on, rate some tutorials, and do this every day or two. For that reason, I'm trying to look for those of you who come on a daily basis anyway- I know there's a bunch of you who are repeat visitors that would like to get access to tutorials earlier than the rest and who wouldn't mind doing the community a bit of service. Through this process we're able to get tutorials listed faster and reviewed better than I used to do alone.

If you're picked, you are probably someone who comes here on a near-daily basis, can exhibit enviable English skills, and are technically inclined towards programming, design, general technology, or otherwise. By the language aspect I mean basically having the ability to determine whether a tutorial is good or not based on how something is written; in my years of reviewing tutorials there is an incredibly high correlation between how well someone writes and whether or not that tutorial is a "good" tutorial.

If you're interested, send me a line at goodness l at l good-tutorials.com with the subject "Moderation", along with your username, any specific area you have a particular interest in, and a one-liner that explains why you should be picked. It's not a huge application process; I just want to find people that are really interested in doing it. I appreciate your time, and look forward to some emails!

Top lists, featured tutorial queue

Posted about 15 years ago — 71 comments

Updates for April 6, 2007 include a new top list and a featured tutorial queue. For the top list, you can now view the top tutorials for a variety of different areas. For tutorials: top comments, clicks, clicks per month, clicks per day, saves, rating. For users: clicks on their tutorials, and number of submitted tutorials.

The top list can be found at:


A commonly-requested feature was to make the wait list for featured tutorials public again. When you click on a "feature this tutorial" link, the possible advertising topics will now have a "next available" line next to them so you can get an idea of when your tutorial will get featured.

Also, a few bug fixes went through, most notably was the bug with usernames having a period in them. So those of you with domain names as your username should have no more issues in that regard any more.

Until next time, have a good one!

New RSS feeds, new category, new date views, bug fixes

Posted about 15 years ago — 74 comments

There's a number of new things to announce for Good-Tutorials right now. Some of them are features from the old version, some of them are new features altogether, some of them are tweaks to existing aspects, and some are just the normal first-week bug fixes. Here's the changes:

RSS feeds

I've added a number of new RSS feeds to the site. They're all categorized and explained on the RSS page, but in short you can now subscribe to per-topic feeds and user feeds (submissions, comments, and saves). User feeds themselves are rather cool- you could grab the RSS feed for your user account and display your recent comments on your web blog, for example.

New category: PHP

The new Flash category is doing quite well, with a number of new tutorials submitted to it each day. We're going to continue that expansion to PHP, the popular scripting language. For a few years now I've had to combat people submitting PHP-related tutorials to the site, even though it was exclusively Photoshop-centric for years. Now all of you who submitted anyway can submit your PHP-related tutorials for real and they might actually have a chance of being accepted. ;) The same process is going to happen for PHP as it did for Flash: users are now able to submit PHP tutorials, but the "PHP" link won't show up in the sidebar until a day or three later.

New date-based view

This is a pull-over from the old version of Good-Tutorials. Each tutorial is now has their date linked to a page that will show all of the tutorials added on that particular day. This is easily accessible from the front page: you can now easily click to see all of the tutorials added yesterday, and you can click to see all of the tutorials added today. Along those lines, the front page is now showing the last 20 tutorials instead of just the last 15. All of this will hopefully let you stay on top of newly-added tutorials a little bit easier now.

In addition, there was the normal bunch of bug fixes and smaller feature additions- stuff like expanding the comment box, for example, little things like that.

Have a good one!

Second round of moderators

Posted about 15 years ago — 89 comments

I'm really pleased with how the initial batch of moderation is going; we're getting good tutorials to the front page and we're skipping over a lot of the less-than-good tutorials. With that said, though, I want to increase the scope of things a bit, particularly since there really is a lot of tutorials coming in and I want to give each a solid chance of review. For those of you who applied on the original call-for-moderators post, check your email again; there's a subset of you that might have gotten an invite to moderating now.

If you still didn't get an invite or if you're interested in serving as a moderator in the future and never got the chance to apply, sit tight; later down the line I might be asking for more volunteers, particularly when there's more and more topics getting added. For the time being, though, I think there'll be a relatively good-sized amount here.

Feed Day - RSS is back

Posted about 15 years ago — 84 comments

Tonight RSS makes its triumphant return back to the site. For those of you not in the loop, it's a really easy way to keep track of all of these new tutorials (and blog posts) popping on the site now. It's likely that you won't have to change your RSS reader URL for this new version, but just as a recap:

Newest Tutorials


Latest Blog Posts


Latest Blog Comments


That's the start- there'll be per-topic RSS feeds in the near future, so stay tuned. You can always refer back to these RSS feeds at the new RSS page: