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New RSS feeds, new category, new date views, bug fixes

Posted over 14 years ago

There's a number of new things to announce for Good-Tutorials right now. Some of them are features from the old version, some of them are new features altogether, some of them are tweaks to existing aspects, and some are just the normal first-week bug fixes. Here's the changes:

RSS feeds

I've added a number of new RSS feeds to the site. They're all categorized and explained on the RSS page, but in short you can now subscribe to per-topic feeds and user feeds (submissions, comments, and saves). User feeds themselves are rather cool- you could grab the RSS feed for your user account and display your recent comments on your web blog, for example.

New category: PHP

The new Flash category is doing quite well, with a number of new tutorials submitted to it each day. We're going to continue that expansion to PHP, the popular scripting language. For a few years now I've had to combat people submitting PHP-related tutorials to the site, even though it was exclusively Photoshop-centric for years. Now all of you who submitted anyway can submit your PHP-related tutorials for real and they might actually have a chance of being accepted. ;) The same process is going to happen for PHP as it did for Flash: users are now able to submit PHP tutorials, but the "PHP" link won't show up in the sidebar until a day or three later.

New date-based view

This is a pull-over from the old version of Good-Tutorials. Each tutorial is now has their date linked to a page that will show all of the tutorials added on that particular day. This is easily accessible from the front page: you can now easily click to see all of the tutorials added yesterday, and you can click to see all of the tutorials added today. Along those lines, the front page is now showing the last 20 tutorials instead of just the last 15. All of this will hopefully let you stay on top of newly-added tutorials a little bit easier now.

In addition, there was the normal bunch of bug fixes and smaller feature additions- stuff like expanding the comment box, for example, little things like that.

Have a good one!

avatarcleartutsdave over 14 years ago

Sweet, time to start making some PHP tutorials!

avatarJick over 14 years ago

Sounds awesome! The site is getting better every day! :)

avatarDuncan over 14 years ago

Photoshop, flash and php tutorials? Sounds like someone is going after Pixel2Life :P

avatarChris over 14 years ago

I can't see PHP category. Is it added yet or when is it going to be added?

This site keeps getting better and better.

avatarSuperMouse over 14 years ago

I just have to say it! This site is amazing. Since the first time I accessed I hardly go other site to look for photoshop tutorials!

Great Job! Keep up the good work :D

avatarKreso over 14 years ago

you should add 3D Category to. (3dsmax, Rhino..)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

@Chris - from the post: "The same process is going to happen for PHP as it did for Flash: users are now able to submit PHP tutorials, but the "PHP" link won't show up in the sidebar until a day or three later". In other words, I could put the link up now, but all it's going to be is a blank page with no tutorials for awhile until people start submitting PHP tutorials. That would really only confuse people over the long run, I'd think. Give it a few days- it'll go up soon enough. :)

@SuperMouse - Thanks for the compliment; I really do appreciate it. I think this new version holds a lot of potential- I'll keep the new features coming if you guys keep visiting. :)

@Kreso - Might just have to wait for a bit. :)

avatarMartynJ over 14 years ago

Awsome. Next cateogry should be for rails :). I plan to start a RoR site soon :D

avatarErik over 14 years ago

Please, don't have a PHP category. Your stealing my future traffic!

avatarChris over 14 years ago

Oh sorry Zach I didn't see that bit. I do quickly skim & scan news posts like this abnd should have read a bit more in depth. Well, I'm going to to sit in a corner listening to Diggnation whilst I wait for TWiT to come out tonight.

avataruzegonemad over 14 years ago

hey zach, just wanted to point out a bug with the RSS: http://good-tutorials.com/images/feed.png ;)

avatarDylan over 14 years ago

Hey Zach, I think you should go for some PHP based moderators now. When you sent out the initial request for moderators almost everyone that used to come to this site was a web/graphic/photo/whatever else designer and that's what the vast majority of us still are. I noticed in the que that all of the PHP tuts that are in there are unrated and I think that's pretty much due to none of us really knowing anything about PHP. Just thought you might want to take this into consideration when sending out the e-mails for the new mods.

avatarJick over 14 years ago

I am pretty knowledgeable in PHP... I just haven't been on the site in a few days (because of some family stuff) so I haven't been able to review any tutorials. I should be more active in a day or so though so I'll have a look (if they're still in the queue by then).

avatarJick over 14 years ago

I just went ahead and rated all the PHP tutorials I saw in the queue real quick. ;)

avatarnicks (moderator)over 14 years ago

I kind of agree with Dylan. Several of the "actionscript" tutorials may look "cool", but a lot of them also include steps like "paste this code on frame 2". I'd expect tutorials in the actionscript section to at least explain some reasoning behind part of the code.

avatarJick over 14 years ago

Wow! I've been seeing quite a few adult-themed ads on here lately. You should really get on top of that. It could deter some people, I believe. Personally, I think it makes the site look less professional. You usually see ads of that caliber on crappy sites. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up. Sorry if I'm being overly blunt. :P

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

Yeah, I realize that, Jick. :\ Ads are somewhat the last thing on my mind right now, but that will most likely change soon. I was trying to give this new service the benefit of the doubt in terms of handling my advertising, but I'm not too optimistic. I'll probably go back to the old way of doing things here, so those questionable ads will get cut out soon. Sorry for the interim.

avatarLumarin over 14 years ago

You're going to take over the internet at this rate Zach, started with photoshop, and now you're capturing flash and php as well? I predict your traffic will only increase as time goes on at this rate....

I've got this as my homepage as I use photoshop regularly(read: every day) just for fun and to make some very nice wallpapers(that my friends somehow just find and use on their own desktops sniff sniff) :), hope you get more of us. ~Lumarin

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

lol, thanks for the comments, Lumarin. I do what I can- let's hope that traffic does balloon as we add more tutorials. For your sake, as we do add more topics, you might want to make the Photoshop page as your homepage (http://www.good-tutorials.com/tutorials/photoshop) if you haven't already, as it won't display all of these other tutorials going up on the front page. Might make things a little easier. :)

avatarErik over 14 years ago

I'm really disappointed in the new PHP category. Why are OOP articles from 2003 (at least using code that was modern then) accepted?

I don't think that any articles where a class uses just var to define a variable (instead of public, private, protected etc). And code that is not indented! It's just a pitfall to bad programming and that's something that Good-Tutorial definitely should not encourage.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

It's just the start of the category, Erik; it might take a bit to get submissions to the category to increase (and thus quality to increase). I admit there might have been some eager overzealousness to the first few additions.

avatarNelsaidi over 14 years ago

WOW, i never expected this site to become this good :) Nice work Zach and keep up the good work mate. What can we expect next? HTML? 3D modeling? illustrator?

I think we should have sub domians, eg for Flash,http://flash.good-tutorials.com , for photoshop, http://photoshop.good-tutorials.com.

Good luck in teh future

avatarwebdesigndev over 14 years ago

Add dreamweaver section :) We love you Zach :p

avatarChris over 14 years ago


Nice idea, I think that would be great. Maybe also a feature saying:

Set this as my default GT homepage

So that whenever that logged in user comes to Good-Tutorials they will see the Photoshop site or something. Just an extra thought.


I'm trying to get some more moderation done but I'm a little busy at the moment to get loads done. Things should be picking up a bit soon as well in so more moderation will be completed.

- ChrisGilmore

avatarChris over 14 years ago

Just another quick thing that you may not have got round to doing yet Zach. The title only says Photoshop & Flash tutorials. YOu need to add PHP but it's not a major job.

As always, keep up the good work.


avatartster over 14 years ago

There's an error when you go to my user page : http://good-tutorials.com/user/TutorialWiz.com :(

maybe because there's a . in the name?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

As in the email I just sent you, yup, I'll get that fixed up in the next iteration of functionality I push out in the next 3-5 days. :)

avatarTanz over 14 years ago

The only other thing I've noticed thats missing is the favicon. But it's no biggie.

Apart from the small fixes that need to be done, the site is coming along very well. I've noticed for me, living in the UK, that the pages loads on average faster and there hasn't been any problems where the site has been down.

I'm still not used to the "opening in same window" idea, especially when the tutorial has loadssss of pages and pressing the back button becomes a small exercise. [I don't need to be reminded of the arrow next to it to skip loads of pages at once].

Also the rating system, when you have already rated a tutorial and then you go to rate it and it doesn't say anything you try and rate it again. Just another small idea I think would make a difference.

Might need to refresh on my PHP and Flash, at the moment I just skip them in the moderation list. Is there any chance of an option for choosing which catagory you want to moderate? Or even just a small option along the lines of "I don't want to moderate this tutorial", maybe more politely presented in the word "Skip".

Just some thoughts.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago


-Favicon is coming... one of those things I keep forgetting all the time it seems. :)

-Pages are loading pretty quickly, with the exception of a few spots here and there in the afternoon (in the US) where the site gets hit with some pretty high demand. I might be adding another server next week to handle that (which'll make page loads much quicker overall).

-The opening in the same window thing is more accessibility. If you want a new window (or, in my case, a new tab), you can do that manually. But if you don't, you'd be kind of stuck with a new window. The system is set up for that latter part of users. Things might change though- still just playing around with things, so to speak.

-Rating: yeah, I probably will add something like that in the future. By the way, the queue doesn't show tutorials you've already rated.

-There will be some adjustment to the queue soon enough.

avatarTanz over 14 years ago

As for the windows, I guess I can learn to live with it, as long as I stop finishing a tutorial and then automatically go to close the tab, then lose the page. I've got used to it using a seperate window, so I would have to close the window, which I always have second thoughts about.

But as for the queue, as I would say I'm not exactly a Flash or PHP expert, meaning I've used them before but not bothered to learn anything, I would preferably like to take those tutorials out of the queue. Even though when I rate a photoshop tutorial it disapears out the list, I have more than half a page of tutorials which I would preferably leave for someone with some knowledge to rate. Was just wondering if there's any way of taking them out the queue without having to wait and avoid them, or rate them?

I know I'm being a hassle but surely I'm not the only person that thinks this?

avatarLumarin over 14 years ago

@Tanz, You could use something like Firefox or Opera's open links in new tab automatically option if you have either of the two, I also believe IE7 has this functionality as well. If you don't want to do those, you could always make a add-on to your browser to do it for you.

Shift-clicking works as well, and depending on your browser/browser settings, it'll open in a new window or tab.

Just a few thoughts :P. ~Lumarin

avatarLumarin over 14 years ago

Sorry for double post...too bad I can't edit my comment :(.

Maybe you could add a jump to page ___ under the page numbers where it says page 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . 1333 so that people could look for specific pages, like if someone told a friend to look at page 896(obviously the pages would change, but it would be realistic to search for something if someone told a friend and they checked later that day for some specific tutorials?) by just going to the jump to page option and putting in a page number.

Also, people would be able to skip the 300 pages they've already went through one by one, and continue reading tuts from where they left off.

Of course, the Find a Tutorial search would work better for finding a specific tutorial.

Just rambling thoughts. ~Lumarin

avatarChris over 14 years ago


You could just click a link with scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse if you have one (scroll wheel, not the mouse :D). This will open it up the a new tab.

avatarnicks (moderator)over 14 years ago

Thanks Chris - You learn something new everyday :P

avatarLorelei over 14 years ago

I really love the fact that php category was added, it's very handy considering that nowadays everything is based on it... and sometimes a good tutorial could save lives (or sites :D )

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