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A Day of Fixes - Discounted Featured Tutorials

Posted about 14 years ago

So we've been through about a day and a half of the new version. There's been a lot happening- mostly bug fixes, but I'm happy that none of the bugs uncovered were very substantial. There's still a lot more to do, but I think I'm on a pretty decent pace for the moment.

A few hours ago I pushed out a new iteration with a whole bunch of bug fixes and issue corrections. Some of this included fixing the last remaining barriers to being completely valid XHTML Transitional, adding "change password" to your user account pages (I promise "forgot password" will be coming in the coming days), got daily and monthly click totals running again (although they aren't properly rotating as of now, but I'll probably do that short fix tomorrow), there were a few user profile fixes done, advertising optimizations, server-side speedups, and a whole bunch of smaller stuff that you'll probably never notice unless you look for them.

I still have about 10-15 items on my todo list of small things that I want to finish up on by the end of the week, but then at that point I can start going from "bug fixing" mode to "feature writing" mode.

As one last little treat now that the launch has happened and things seem a bit more relaxed- I've reduced the prices on featured tutorials by a whole bunch (front page is at $15/day, which is a little nuts). First come, first served, though, since the last time I did this I had got a whole slew of orders in a day or three, so it probably won't last long. I just want to get some more reactions to the featured tutorial process now that it's been greatly updated.

Have a good one!

avatarBernardBlack about 14 years ago

Looks good, I might go feature a tutorial.

avatarJick about 14 years ago

Zach, did you see my comment on the last blog post? It's near the bottom. Just checking to see if you saw it.

Once again, all is great. Keep up the great work. :)

avatarEli about 14 years ago

I went into the Fix Tutorial URL's and found you actually lied about the feature, for now at least ;)

Would love to see that feature, as one out of my 50 or so tutorials leads to an error page :P

avataryourphotoshopguide about 14 years ago

It will be helpful, if you can update "Update your tutorial URL" ASAP :(

avatarjhuskisson about 14 years ago

The blog RSS feed is now broken. It's completely missing.. and the tutorials feed seems to be broken too

avatarEli about 14 years ago

Zach: According to Jay here, if you changed the feed URL's that was a bad move.

avatarcleartutsdave about 14 years ago

Bought a Featured Tutorial for 1 day. :) Hopefully it turns out to get me some decent traffic/revenue. Will purchase many more in the future if it works out. :)

avatarwordedwrong about 14 years ago

Hey Zach, Is it still possible to view how many days have been bought out?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

As I mentioned yesterday or so, feeds will be back up in a day or two, so don't worry.

wordedwrong- not publicly (you can see that after you purchase a featured tutorial), but I'll add that functionality soon, though.

avatarDuncan about 14 years ago

Just to mention to you Zach, my school workload is a little heavy this week, so I wont be able to get some real moderation on the tutorials done until the weekend. Just thought I'd I've a message :)

Oh, and I'm liking the new version. As with anything new takes a little getting used to, but looks very nice :)

avatardenbuzze about 14 years ago


still found a small error in your code (on this page) you have a label for "comment" but your textarea id is "comment_comment". So the label has no use.

avatarsktzofrenic about 14 years ago

Kudos on the design. More impressive is the backend that you coded!

I sent you an email about this, but it cropped again with a different variation so I'm letting you know here:

Someone put quotes in their tutorial title and your code mangled the url when you click on the comment link to leave a comment. Instead of % the url was genereated with &quote; which left me with a 404. Some tinkering with the URL eventually left me able to leave a comment, but obviously that shouldn't be necessary. I hope this is old news :)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

Front page discount has been removed, as we're distinctly sold out now. Photoshop and Flash are still discounted (for the moment), though.

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