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User pages, checking your tutorial comments

Posted about 14 years ago

So, in a bit of a surprise move even for myself, I apparently kept on going from the comment restyling and went ahead and added some to your user pages. There's some new styling for your user profile (my profile, for example), but the bigger addition is the ability to see who's been commenting on your tutorials.

This is a request I've gotten more than a few times the past couple weeks, and I'm happy to finally be able to include it. What's more, you'll now have an RSS feed that you can subscribe to from that page, so if you're a tutorial author you can submit your new tutorial, subscribe to your RSS feed for comments, and you'll get any new comments on your tutorials piped directly to your RSS reader. It's a quick and easy way to help you stay on top of what people are saying about your work.

avatarDylan about 14 years ago

Looks good, think we can have any insight onto what you have planned next?

avatarDylan about 14 years ago

I think a nice addition to this would be the ability to edit posts, I put onto instead of into on my last post and now I can't fix it.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

Well, in the immediate future will be some naturally brain-dead stuff that just need to be worked on: increased sorting abilities (sort by clicks, saves, ratings, comments, etc.), forgot your password functionality, and the ability to update your old URLs for tutorials. Beyond that... well, there's a lot of stuff planned later; I'm just going to be working on the necessary stuff first.

avatarwordedwrong about 14 years ago

Good stuff, can see whose rating our tutorials? I think early version had this. :)

avatarMissionSix about 14 years ago

Are you going to add track back or ping back to comments made on our tutorials on this site?

Would be a great way to boost author sites as well as interaction on the tutorial commenting level...

avatarNelsaidi about 14 years ago

Wait, this is off topic but want it seen.

The title of the GT homepage is Photoshop tutorials + flash, change it. other than that its a great site. gk Nour

avatarKristopher about 14 years ago


Looking good, as mentioned above editing a comment you made say with in like 5 minutes or something would be pretty good incase you made a typo or something or maybe make it if you want to add something to your post you can without making a new post. Just something to think about.

Keep up the good work!

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avatarwoodbury 21 days ago

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