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Adobe Illustrator, Speedups, and Updates

Posted almost 15 years ago

Today I'm pleased to announce the addition of Adobe Illustrator to the family of tutorials here at Good-Tutorials. This is in part due to the high demand shown in the previous blog post; thanks to all of those who commented. I think this will be a pretty healthy addition to the site, and hopefully it helps start driving some more attention to Illustrator (and Illustrator tutorials) in general.

Alongside Illustrator, there's a few of the normal updates as well. There were a few non-trivial database optimizations tossed on the site, so theoretically there will be some speedups on tutorial pages (although whether or not you really notice it might be another question). Regardless, I've been pretty happy with load times since the launch of the new version.

Also a few bug fixes: the pagination links are displayed normally again (not spaced out all funky-like), a couple backend updates, and there was one or two other smaller CSS fixes tossed in there at some point too. Nothing major at the moment, but that mostly reflects my current schedule. I'll free up a lot of time in a few weeks, and once I hit that there will be some much larger additions that I can focus my efforts on.

avatarTanz almost 15 years ago

Nice to hear of some Illustrator tuts coming. Although I didn't mention it in my post I'm glad other people did. People think Photoshop and Illustrator are the same thing, but each have their own benifits over each other. Need to get used to the changes.

Keep up the good work.

avatarMentalTrans almost 15 years ago

Looking forward to see some Illustrator tutorials!

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 15 years ago

Oh! I forgot some of the coolest stuff I wanted to announce! Sheesh. Drumroll please:

Earlier this week we hit 10,000 registered user accounts. That took something like 9-10 months to hit, but we probably did 2-3 thousand new accounts in the time since the new version launched. In the next week or so someone will post the one thousandth comment to a tutorial (or blog post), which is pretty surprising to me, too. I love the added discussion aspect of the new version, and that's something that I wasn't really sure if it would catch on when I was coding it. I'm happy to say that it has, from the looks of it. Expect more in the future.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 15 years ago

Sorry for the bit of unresponsiveness and downtime here and there the past few hours- there was a bit of an ugly spot that we hit, but things look like they're running smoothly now. I'll be keeping tabs on it just in case, though.

avatarScik almost 15 years ago

Any chance of getting the sorting features, like the top lists only in each category, to come back again? I miss being able to find the newest and most popular photography tuts.

avataryourphotoshopguide almost 15 years ago

I am always looking for the quality Illustrator tutorials :). At least good new for me.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago

Scik- that's definitely high on my list to code when I get the time to do so. That's probably the first major thing to get coded, actually, so I'd expect to see that mid-May or at the end of May.

avatarpspack over 14 years ago

Did you see this site? http://clevertutorials.com do you look like it or it look like you?:)

avatarwordedwrong over 14 years ago

Nice additions. I'm learning illustrator atm so hopefully someone out there can provide some nice ones!! :)

avatarDylan over 14 years ago

Good idea to add Illustrator. Now all you need is CSS and xHTML.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 14 years ago


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