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Tutorials: what do you want to see next?

Posted about 14 years ago

I have a pretty good idea of which sort of tutorials will be appearing on Good-Tutorials over the next couple of weeks and months. Some of them are for your run-of-the-mill software, some of them include some new areas not quite touched upon yet. So I know which tutorials I'd like to include eventually, but I'd love to have your input on what you'd like to see sooner rather than later. I'm pretty flexible on the order of when I add tutorial topics.

So if you have any input, now's the time. Which areas are you most interested in? What new topics are you going to be learning in the next couple of weeks?

avatarDuncan about 14 years ago

Illustrator. There needs to be more tutorials out there for it, and with Good-Tutorials offering a place to advertise, I'm sure it might encourage people to write some.

avatarTanz about 14 years ago

I think that the website at the moment is doing well. With the new catagories it's turning into a resource for designers and web developers. Which funnily enough, is my point. I like the fact that GT is always up to date, and focuses on design a lot. I think catagories should be based on the same sort of topics, I mean how out of place would a VB or C++ tutorial look on this site at the moment if you consider the existing catagories.

I think, going by what I have heard about and am interested in looking into, that MySQL, HTML and CSS, Java and maybe some Ajax or Perl would be cool. They are all still very current and would make GT into a nice resource for anyone interested in learning anything about web design and development.

Just my thoughts.

avatarDylan about 14 years ago

I completely agree with Tanz. I think a CSS category would be cool.

avatarMelissaT11 about 14 years ago

I would love to see some CSS layout tutorials. Those would be really helpful.

avatarcleartutsdave about 14 years ago

Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, Office Applications?

avatarEli about 14 years ago

I don't think you should add many more categories. You should keep it somewhat small in my opinion, but you can do whatever you want. :)

avatarErik about 14 years ago

No dreamweaver. Pl1x

  • (X)HTML
  • CSS
avatarJacorre about 14 years ago

CSS, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. To be honest, I love Corel Draw as well so seeing that would be nice too!

avatarHeadshot about 14 years ago

CSS & XHTML would be awesome! :) Maybe 3D Studio Max/ C4D ;)

avatarcleartutsdave about 14 years ago

Yeah, 3d modelling software-related categories would be good.

avatarhaxanstudios about 14 years ago

i would love if you people also host 3ds max tutorials

avatarEikichi about 14 years ago

Maybe a .NET(ASP.NET\VB.NET)or a C# category?

avatarErik about 14 years ago

Hows about a forum? ;)

avatarLumarin about 14 years ago

@Erik: A forum would be far too costly to implement, as it would REALLY drain space and bandwidth...

I suggest you add the 3d tutorials first, then web design. ~Lumarin

avatarNehle about 14 years ago

I believe that GT should stay along the lines of web development, much like Tanz stated.

I think stuff like CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, etc. would be a lot more useful than tutorials about 3DS MAX or Windows Vista.

I also think programs like Dreamweaver or Fireworks would be a nice addition.

But if GT is going to expand out (much like P2L), then I think that tutorials should be related to, if not consisting of multi-media. For instance, After Effects would be a good one, or maybe Fruity loops.

Over all, GT is a great site, but we should always keep the limits in mind...

avatarKewL about 14 years ago

Well my personal opinion is that GT is just turning into to much. I liked it best when it was just Photoshop tutorials. These days it is turning into a pixel 2 life. If you look, the other category's aren't getting near as many clicks as the Photoshop tutorials. Anyway, that is just my opinion I'm sure half the people hear disagree.

avatarMissionSix about 14 years ago

Illustrator for sure. I'm just getting into using it and i need a quality resource for illustrator tutorials. There just are not as many people who use illustrator that I can see.

avatarChris about 14 years ago

CSS, Audio & Video Editing (Audacity, After Effects..)

avatarrazor_rich about 14 years ago

id definetly consider some illustrator and css tutorials.

3D studio max and maya would be good also

avatarFilm11 about 14 years ago

Nobodies mentioned Paint Shop Pro tutorials yet? I know a lot of people use that as an alternative to Photoshop so it would seem wrong not to have it as a category, in my opinion.

avatarphotoshoptutorials about 14 years ago

Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements tutorials

Also, I think you should put the Photography section on its own instead of the Photoshop category.

avatarSystemBomber about 14 years ago

I would love see a 'default' image for a php tutorial which does not have one. This would not make the tutorials look out of place, although it does make them easier to find when it has no picture. lol. ChaZ

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

I'll most likely keep PHP/RoR/other programming-related tutorials without an icon. I never really saw the point to throwing one in there, to be honest. If one keeps looking at an icon to determine what tutorial it is, then you end up getting more confused on determining the difference between a Flash and a Photoshop tutorial, for example. I'd rather set a precedence for looking at the category text on figuring that out instead. Besides, there will be more ways to filter out the tutorials you really want here shortly.

avatarzyrus about 14 years ago

As I said in an earlier comment, I believe G-T was great when it was just PS tuts. The fact that PHP, RoR, and Flash have been added is great but personally, I wouldn't extend it too far. If I had to suggest any new categories, I'd say AJAX, CSS and XML. What I like about G-T is that it seems (at least to me) to be design-oriented yet obviously with a growing development trend. I'm always checking the Web layout sub-category. I'd say definitely keep tabs on popular development trends but don't lose that edge that you have with design. Whatever will maximize that aspect of the content here would be great, IMO. Even building on rich media, there are other technologies out there besides Flash like Adobe Flex and Open Laszlo. Laszlo, being the more affordable alternative to Flex doesn't have nearly as many tutorials out on the web (at least from what I'm able to find).

Anyway, I look forward to see what you do with the site. You've done a great job!

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

I think I agree with you, zyrus. I'm not particularly interested in having 50 different topics, with some of them only having two tutorials listed. I'd like to keep a core competency of areas that would be beneficial to a lot of people- with the way things are shaping up, it looks like a simple division between design and code. On the flipside, though, I'll keep evolving the site, so if something interesting comes up I'll have no issues with adding some unique categories (there's one I've been thinking about adding since launch... should be pretty interesting).

avatarNehle about 14 years ago

well maybe you should share your ideas with your moderators and get their feedback. Their sure to share a similar idea as us (the visitors), seeing as how moderators are people too :P

avatarChris about 14 years ago

Maybe keep this web development only then...

avatarskreid about 14 years ago

Terragen. Fun program, would be nice to see some tutorials here.

And I second the forum idea someone posted

avatarkeithtoxic about 14 years ago

I definately think Illustrator needs to be on here. It's a major part of design, and the professional field.

As a hobbyist in music recording, I'd like to see perhaps some FruityLoops or Reason tutorials. Though these don't fit the design categories, they'd be cool to see, there aren't alot of good ones out there.

avatarMURDERER about 14 years ago

Yeah We need more Illustrator on here PLZ

avatarzatachi about 14 years ago

I think good-tutorials.com is great and it's not important to change sth, but if you are going to change something then great will be more tutorials with making layouts, but not only layouts i think about techniques of doing this.Like 'how to create professional layout' 'few tips for web designers' itp

avatarDarlyn about 14 years ago

I definitely want an After Effects category.

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