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Zyrus Campbell

Joined almost 16 years ago.

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avatarzyrus over 14 years ago
Original Tutorial: Business Web Page

Unique layout choice. I like the color contrast. Very different. I also like the grunge effect going on in the background.


avatarzyrus over 14 years ago

Great tutorial! I like your sense of creativity!

avatarzyrus over 14 years ago
Original Tutorial: Webdesign layout 3

Honestly, I don't see the relation between the two. Both tuts are nice but this one obviously covers more ground as far as layout design. Everybody and they mama uses a blue gradient on their sites nowadays because it looks attractive and professional. But I wouldn't say that this tut is taking anything from the other just because of the color scheme. Besides, everybody learns from somebody. Who cares? As long as good design principles are passed on to the next person and credit is given where it's due (when applicable), then everything is cool.

Now, I've seen some straight jack-moves done by some G-T submitters. One guy took all the content from a W3Schools tut and wrapped his layout around it and called it his own with no mention at all of where he got the content from. I'm not sure if that's been deemed as an acceptable practice these days with so many people getting into submitting tuts, but if you're gonna steal content, please change a word or two, in the least... I mean, daggone.

avatarzyrus about 15 years ago

As I said in an earlier comment, I believe G-T was great when it was just PS tuts. The fact that PHP, RoR, and Flash have been added is great but personally, I wouldn't extend it too far. If I had to suggest any new categories, I'd say AJAX, CSS and XML. What I like about G-T is that it seems (at least to me) to be design-oriented yet obviously with a growing development trend. I'm always checking the Web layout sub-category. I'd say definitely keep tabs on popular development trends but don't lose that edge that you have with design. Whatever will maximize that aspect of the content here would be great, IMO. Even building on rich media, there are other technologies out there besides Flash like Adobe Flex and Open Laszlo. Laszlo, being the more affordable alternative to Flex doesn't have nearly as many tutorials out on the web (at least from what I'm able to find).

Anyway, I look forward to see what you do with the site. You've done a great job!

avatarzyrus about 15 years ago

I've loved G-T since I first found it years ago. I never have time to really implement all of the tuts that are showcased but I always use it as a reference. No doubt, if I spent more time practicing, I'd be a guru like a lot of the people that contribute to this site are.

And I think that what you've done to the site is absolutely wonderful. You've taken it to completely new heights. I am a sincerely big fan of yours. I recommend this site to any and all that ask for places online where they can grow in graphics and web design. And now, thank goodness, I can add web development to that!!!

All I gotta say now is, "What's Next?"

Great Job! LOL