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Newest Tutorials

JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 12 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Learn how to test DOM elements, run JavaScript test suites, initialize a JSpec project, and much more.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — about 13 years ago
Learn about BDD, what it is, and why you should use a testing framework similar to JSpec, and how you can get started in making sure your JavaScript is bullet-proof.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — about 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Discover the new features that JSpec 1.0 brings to the table. An extremely small, yet very powerful JS BDD framework support async requests, 45+ matchers, several formatters, dom sandboxes, and much more, all while remaining framework / DOM independent.
Ruby » Libraries — about 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Using the 're' command you can release a gem to GitHub within seconds, performing all the tedious tasks for you. Pushing, tagging, updating changelogs with recent commits, bumping version numbers and much more. Dont forget to watch the screencast!
Ruby » Libraries — about 13 years ago
Bind allows you to invoke actions whenever a file system event has occurred. For example refreshing any number of browsers concurrently in the background while editing website assets. This is a life saver for cross browser JavaScript, CSS, or even HTML web design.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — over 13 years ago
Approaching JSpec 1.0 we have a near re-write of the framework, several new and fantastic features to check out.
Ruby » Best Practices — over 13 years ago
It is a common Ruby misconception that certain argument handling techniques are faster than others, as well as using constants will increase the performance of your app compared to that of using locally scoped literals for regular expressions, strings, etc. Some frameworks such as Merb take pride in performance, and contain single ruby scripts packed with constants just for this reason. That being said until someone can prove these benchmarks wrong, we are seeing very little changes in results.
Ruby » Libraries — over 13 years ago
So simple and easy I do not even need to speak in this screencast!
Ruby » Libraries — over 13 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Framework-agnostic forms with dm-forms, useful for Sinatra, or other small framework apps.
Ruby » Libraries — over 13 years ago
So you discovered Ruby's Rack 'web framework framework', and would like to know how to extend it, this is done using Rack middleware. We will go through creating a basic Rack application, and a JSON response middleware.
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