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Newest Tutorials

PHP » File Manipulation — almost 6 years ago
How to correctly include Javascript, jQuery and CSS into Wordpress Themes and Plugins.
PHP » Templating — almost 6 years ago
How to add your own custom affiliate link cloaking script that every post or page on your Wordpress Website can utilize. This is a very simple yet effective way to make every post of on your Website have the ability to mask your affiliate links.
PHP » File Manipulation — almost 6 years ago
A Complete walk-through on how to use Ubuntu and Subversion to Update your Plugin at the Wordpress Repository.
JavaScript » Basics — almost 7 years ago
Simple javascript redirect / php script that hides the original referring url from analytic software.
JavaScript » Forms — about 6 years ago
Tutorial explaining how to load the Wordpress comment form within a jQuery lightbox.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — about 6 years ago
Use these jQuery tricks to help draw your visitors eyes towards advertisements or opt-in boxes!
PHP » File Manipulation — about 6 years ago
30+ PHP examples detailing how to customize the Wordpress Admin Bar.
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