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avatartinGivi3 12 months ago

Hello, please update the link, it's not working on my end. Anyways, good to know that the previous bug has been fixed now and it's working great on my end. By the way, I have to say thank you for all the tutorial you uploaded recently we actually learned a lot and it was awesome that your providing all of this for free and you help me get Granny 2 for free, learned how to manage pixel gun 3d computer version. Thank you is not enough for all the efforts here. We owe you big time! Keep up the good work

avatartinGivi3 12 months ago

Thank you for this update, I thought Good-Tutorial will be close for good lol. I hope that will not happen because a lot of people I know are actually learning from here and one of the reasons is free. We really love being part of a member of this website. We actually made a group that can share their thoughts about what have they learned from here, such as PS, Ai, WEB, Etc.

Anyways, have your this from sports news headlines, you can now download gardenscapes hidden object games whole game now for free. It was just released a day ago.