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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Object Oriented Programming — over 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this tutorial, learn how to use top and important Ps commands in Linux with examples.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 6 years ago
Online php script allows you to generate multiple number of strong and secure passwords.
JavaScript » Forms — about 6 years ago
Jquery dialog position script, allows to place the dialog box in the desired position.
PHP » File Manipulation — about 6 years ago
File uploader script, uploads multiple files from directories to required folders with defined size and file type.
PHP » Site Navigation — about 6 years ago
Simple php script identifies the browser name you are using in the mobile and desktop.
PHP » Security — about 6 years ago
Simple server status script enables you to check the status of your server using php.
JavaScript » Basics — about 6 years ago
Week Picker Script, allows you to pick a whole week with just a click.
JavaScript » Basics — about 6 years ago
Add, remove and replace the css styles using jquery script.
JavaScript » Basics — about 6 years ago
Browser resize script allows to find the height and width of the browser window.
JavaScript » Cross-Browser Development — about 6 years ago
Glowing text effect script helps to give the glow effect to the content on mouse hover in your webpage.
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