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avatarseistarcah about 2 years ago

50 Dollars A Day To Love Rome

Certain things are crucial and non negotiable while touring. For me, such things would add an exclusive hotel room, not a hostel, and preferably a personal bathroom. In my university days, I went on a backpacking tour with my closest friend.

While our 30 dollar a day budget will be hopeless today (has it really been 15 years?!), my lifestyle is clearly no longer that of a backpacker, and so I'll stick to writing about what it'd now require to maintain a city gal like me sheltered, fed, and entertained for a day in Rome.

As lodging in Rome can really skew a day-to-day budget, I will leave it off of the daily tally. Let it suffice to state that the bed in a shared dorm sells for approximately 23 Euro in high <a href = "http://dipniligal.tumblr.com/post/135928349776/affilorama">affilorama buy now </a> a double room at the five star Hotel Hassler will set one back no less than 600 Euro per night. Somewhere within that range, there's a bed, cot, or floor mat somewhere in Rome just waiting to take you in for the night time.

A realistic budget for Rome would call to get the absolute minimum of 50 Euro in spending money per person per day (shopping budget not included). Bear in mind that you are prone to spend about 10 Euro per day in entry fees to museums or monuments, that will leave you with 40 Euro roughly per day for food, beverage, public transport or taxis, etc. Like accommodation, tours in Rome is as economical as 15 Euro or as pricey as 500, so we'd better leave those outside of the basic equation also.

Here <a href = "http://dipniligal.tumblr.com/post/135929204431/seopressor">seo pressor plugin </a> advice on setting our goal budget into practice. Most hotels, hostels, and B&B's will provide breakfast with an overnight stay. Do not be timid! Eat up, stuff your purse having a couple of bananas from the buffet, and have them after for a mid morning snack! You can save money at lunch time by having some "pizza a taglio" (pizza by the piece). If that does not hold you till dinner, a mere 1.50 Euro will get you a celestial cup or cone of creamy Italian gelato which should keep your tummies pleasantly full for a few hours. Save the real meal, and of course your cherished Euros along with your hunger, for a good dinner. A complete dinner in an average Roman restaurant should cost between 20 and 30 Euro per person, wine