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avatarrockhacon over 3 years ago

10 Bible Character Riddles for your own Preschoolers

Preschoolers love to play guessing games! Certainly one of the best ways to introduce them to the idea of guessing is by telling them some riddles.

Here are 10 Bible riddles to get you started. Each one points into a Bible character that many of your little ones might already be familiar with. However, to be sure your preschoolers will be successful at giving correct solutions to the riddles, you may need to go over a few of the Bible stories ahead of time that introduce the Bible characters. You also might want some graphics of the people mentioned to show your children after they answer right. This can help solidify the people's individuality within their heads even more. Enjoy!

  1. We were the very first people God ever made. We lived in a beautiful garden, but we disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the tree. We loved God and God forgave our sins. Who are we? (Adam and Eve)

  2. God asked the young boy to develop a big boat. He told the young boy to fill it with each of my family and all of the different animals. The young boy loved God and God forgave my sins. (Noah)

  3. My father gave me a beautiful coat made of tons of different colors. My brothers sold me into captivity. The young boy loved God and God forgave my sins.


  1. The fisherman was born in Bethlehem. When I grew to be a man, I had many friends called disciples. The young boy died on the cross to forgive your sins. (Jesus)

  2. My mom <a href = "https://beekeeping4noobs.wordpress.com">bees and the environment </a> in a basket after I had been merely a baby to save my life. Afterwards, God gave me ten significant commandments. The young boy loved God and God forgave my sins. Who am I? (Moses)

  3. I used to be a shepherd when I was a young boy, then one day I became the King of Israel. The young boy wrote amazing tunes to God. I loved God and God forgave my sins. Who am I? (David)

  4. I loved to pray to God. Some folks didn't want the young boy to pray, so they threw me into the lion's lair, but God protected me. I loved God and God forgave my sins. (Daniel)

  5. The young boy used to be a young girl when I had my first son in the city of Bethlehem. He grew up and died on the cross for all of the sins of the world. The young boy loved God and God forgave my sins. (Mary)

  6. The young boy was Jesus' father here on earth. Jesus' father liked to build things and was a carpenter. I loved God and God forgave my sins. (Joseph)

  7. Jesus' father used to be a fisherman and one of Jesus' disciples. The fisherman had been saved by out of prison by an angel. I loved God and God forgave my sins. Who am I? (Peter)

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avatarrockhacon over 3 years ago

Getting the Best Jumping Stilts

Are Flyjumpers a Good Source for Exercise?

Are Jumping Stilts a great Source for Exercise?

Before, walking your path into better condition was common, but now jumping your way into better state is the latest fitness training rave. Jumping stilts, otherwise known as as flying jumpers, powerisers, powerskips, pace stilts, and flyjumpers break from the habitual way of fitness training today. These days you'll be able to soar yourself into a fresh trimmed and toned body. In the incredible length of 9 feet steps along with the ability to run up to 20 miles per hour, with all the way gas prices are, that is a practical choice to driving as well as riding your bike to work or school, plus receive an awesome fitness training along the way. Along with being extremely pleasurable, Jumping Stilts are a good way to obtain fitness training because of the reality that Powerisers get the whole body functioning in unison. Although Jumping Stilts may initially take some getting adjusted to, the benefits are unbelievable. Just a brisk walk in <a href = "https://beekeeping4noobs.wordpress.com">where do wild bees live </a> can burn up readily 600 calories an hour. Considering normal intake of calories ranges from 1500 to 200 calories per day , that's over 1/4 of your caloric consumption in only one hour. Jumping Stilts bring together increased health, better condition, and entertainment all in one package. The fitness training benefits are incredible. Compared to jogging, Jumping Stilts is less hurtful on ankles, knees and hips. As with any athletic gear, one should always think about security. With Jumping Stilts, make sure to always put on a helmet, and guards for the elbow, wrist, and shins. Begin slow until you get comfortable with the action that Jumping Stilts deliver. In case you know of anyone else who has expertise and enjoys the fitness training of Jumping Stilts, ask to go with and pick up a few of the hints to getting the best fitness training from Jumping Stilts. Before you are aware of it, you will be loving an extreme outside fitness training and all of the benefits that come with Jumping Stilts. Please hop