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Newest Tutorials

HTML » Basics — over 6 years ago
When developing a website its sometimes the small things that get over looked. Small things like fav icons, and now with the ability to add apple specific fav icons why not update your website to support such features.
PHP » Templating — over 6 years ago
Wordpress shortcodes are one of the greatest features that enable you to perform functions inside of wordpress posts. Wordpress shortcodes allow quick customizing of the layout and inserting certain formatting snippets.
JavaScript » Buttons and Navigation — over 6 years ago
A useful button to have on any webpage is a back to top button. An easy solution for the web user to get back to the top without scrolling. Check out this code snippet which will show you how to do it.
CSS » Basics — over 6 years ago
In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to style only the first and last child list elements using a pseudo class you probably haven’t heard of. You can use these class in a number ways in your designs, this is just one of them.
JavaScript » Basics — over 6 years ago — reviewed, not listed
A while ago i was asked by someone “How do i make a transition hover effect from greyscale to color?“. In this tutorial i’ll show you how it can be done using two seperate images combined with jQuery.
PHP » Image Manipulation — over 6 years ago
Ever wondered how to replace that boring mystery man in your wordpress comments area???? Well this tutorial is for you, I’ll show you how to give your blog a more personal touch in the way of removing and adding your own custom gravatar.
Photoshop » Designing — over 6 years ago
Still on the hot topic of mobile design, In todays tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create your very own 3D style fabric IOS icon.
Photoshop » Web Layouts — over 6 years ago
Mobile design is getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go by, its only a matter of time before mobile design tutorials start popping up in every tutorial website. So to kick it off I’ll be showing you how to create a simple mobile login screen.
Photoshop » Web Graphics — over 6 years ago
Social networking is bigger than ever, why not show off your social networks in style. In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create simple vertical social ribbons.
Photoshop » Basics — over 6 years ago
In todays tutorial I’ll be explaining how to use the image processing script in adobe photoshop CS5. Excellent tips inside to aid your thumbnail creating for images.
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