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PHP » Security — almost 9 years ago
Sample PHP code for Store and verify the encrypted password Here use Base64-encoded and decode function to store and retrieve the password. The Base64-encoded function work process Password change into random letters, numbers and/or characters. Base64-encoded data takes about 33% more space than the original data.
PHP » Database Interactions — over 8 years ago
Here we discuss about how to update the array value in the database.The concept very helpful to PHP web application because it is used to many situation. you can store the all user information in single table. It is decrease the new table creation for each user. you can manage all user information in single table and single query.
PHP » Date and Time — over 8 years ago
Most of country using different date format for filling the form and day activity. So the PHP provide many date formats. See list of Date Format Here, we discuss about how to change the date in different format using php strtotime () The function to generate date user required format. You can required specified format of date and that is decleared above the list