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Newest Tutorials

JavaScript » Ajax — over 10 years ago
Simple how to on using jQuery JSON to pass javascript objects to PHP. In PHP we use the new json_encode and json_decode functions to make sense of the information we get from the Javascript through Ajax.
Flash » Math and Physics — over 10 years ago
How to simulate gravity in Flash, one gravity well per affected object. Each effect can be set independently, strength for instance.
PHP » Database Interactions — over 10 years ago
Short tutorial on how to create tables in a database and fetch information from said database with the Doctrine Object Relational Mapper.
PHP » Frameworks — over 10 years ago
Tutorial with source code describing how to create a small MVC framework where PHP doctrine is responsible for the models and Smarty for the views. The controller we make ourselves.
Flash » Actionscript — over 10 years ago
Small tutorial on how to allow only certain types of characters in an input text field. For instance numbers only, or alphanumericals only. We will also pass a callback function that will execute when we reach a certain number of characters to limit the lenght of the input.
Flash » Server-side — over 10 years ago
How to set up the connection between Actionscript 3 and PHP from scratch.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — over 10 years ago
Drawing graphs with jQuery and the Javascript canvas made easy. This tutorial covers a more complex scenario than the examples on the jFlot homepage.
Flash » Effects — over 10 years ago
How to setup a Flash banner that can extend on top of the content below it with jQuery Flash.
Flash » Actionscript — over 10 years ago
Dynamicly loaded background images and text with drop shadows, the information used by the banner is set in the MODx CMS but similar ways of doing things are possible in any CMS.
JavaScript » Buttons and Navigation — over 10 years ago
How to turn unordered lists into tree menus with the help of jQuery Treeview in the MODx CMS. Also shows how to toggle each tree's visibility on and off.
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