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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Database Interactions — over 5 years ago — reviewed, not listed
When building an installation script for your software you usually have to create the required database tables. This is easy to do with running simple DB queries. Works great when installing first version. But once you have to start upgrades it can quickly become a nightmare. Of course you can't always create the tables from scratch because the user might already have some data in them! So you have to update them by adding the new fields only.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 5 years ago
We got this asked a lot. The official WordPress guide about translating is a bit confusing and isn’t focused on plugins, so I decided to write a short guide here.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — almost 6 years ago
Creating different versions of your application without getting insane. See how to handle core codebase with basic plugins in PHP
JavaScript » Dynamic HTML — over 6 years ago
The purpose of this script is to dynamically show and hide on-page content based on tags. To understand better what is it, imagine a page with shed plans. By default all plans are listed on the page, and you see the tags on top. Click on a tag, it becomes great, and all content having this tag is being filtered out. This way the user can quickly see only what they are interested in.
PHP » Forms — over 6 years ago
In our software we often use drop-down menus. To make things easier I have coded functions for the most commonly used ones – date drop down, drop down to list database entries, and drop down to be populated from simple non numerated PHP array. All these drop downs are for example used in our autoresponder software. They just generate HTML code which is then output in your HTML forms.
PHP » Date and Time — almost 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
I've dealt with creating monthly calendars in PHP and it has always been a bit of pain. How exactly to show the days in the month in a table without creating ugly and hard to maintain code? I believe this time I was able to find a good solution.
JavaScript » Dynamic HTML — almost 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
How to create a popup that shows only when the user scrolls to the end of the page and use it to suggest them some related content.
PHP » Installation and Configuration — almost 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Create Wordpress-like installation for your scripts and reduce the number of support emails and user frustration.
JavaScript » Dynamic HTML — over 7 years ago
Simple drawing board app with HTML 5 Canvas. Live demo!
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 8 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Create simple classifieds software without user registration
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