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pdBravo's Comments


Tony Gerrard

Joined almost 12 years ago.

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avatarpdBravo over 11 years ago

I thought it was an excellent little tutorial, good explanation of shape techniques and use of the pen tool. Clever use of the custom shape. The colours weren't really important, it is what was done with them that mattered imo

The rating seems to have increased, a case of the cream rising to the top. Thanks to the author.

avatarpdBravo almost 12 years ago
Original Tutorial: Vector Tutorial

Would have liked to have seen this tutorial, unfortunately your site has forced pop ups.

Aint gonna click on anything that tries to force itself on me, quite often the 'x' to close it is disguised as an acceptance to download something.

If you take that junk off your site, please repost the tutorial, I'm sure it would interest people.

avatarpdBravo almost 12 years ago
Original Tutorial: Intensify photography

Useful for the high pass, less so for the curves (though still useful to a point - just could have explained better).

The last step is very confusing, it was the most important step and it wasn't explained at all. Disappointing as that type of effect is something I'd like to know more about.