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Chris Braithwaite


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avatarnooty almost 11 years ago

very good points indeed, but if you find your server going down then you need to be invseting in a better one! lol.

I prefer to use databases because it makes things for me easier to manage and edit. yes it has its flaws and drawbacks .. just like everything, but think abuot this - what if your server went down where your were storing all of yhour files?It's swings and rounderbouts really.

avatarnooty about 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Removing Photo Watermarks

No - there are many justifiable reasons to remove a watermark ie, it is your image and you have lost the PDF? I Dugg this story and within minutes I had someone make a comment that they had a legitimate reason to remove a watermark for whatever reason and ended up paying someone to do do it as they didn't know how.

avatarnooty over 11 years ago

Thank you very much ;)

avatarnooty over 11 years ago

The tutorial is open to all and don't need to be logged in...