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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Text Effects — about 11 years ago
Instantly give any typeface a vintage, old-world style look by using line gradients. This tutorial shows you how to create those line gradients to fit perfectly with any font or lettering.
Photoshop » Drawing — over 11 years ago
This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get your hands dirty with Go Media's Vector Packs. Very easy for beginners.
Photoshop » Designing — over 11 years ago
Make a badass gigposter from start to finish. Another high quality tutorial from Go Media.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 11 years ago
Amazing guide as to how professional illustrators go from sketch to vector illustration.
Photoshop » Drawing — almost 13 years ago
Create amazing comic book style illustrations in Photoshop. From pencil sketch to ink to color to design and layout.
Photoshop » Designing — about 12 years ago
Just take a peek into your local Hot Topic or Pac Sun and you're going to see some great apparel graphics. And this tutorial will show you just how it's done.
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