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Newest Tutorials

Java » Frameworks — almost 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
In many situations, we may need to display a map in our Android app, plotting some specific locations that are geographically located in different places. In this case, Google has made our tasks much easier. The Google Maps API and Android’s location-based services together form a strong and interesting platform to get integrated with our app.
Java » Best Practices — about 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Step by step tutorial on how to connect Android with PHP and MySQL using JSON RESTful Web Service. The objective of this tutorial is to create a signup app in android that involves a screen to take some fields as input from the user, send this data over internet to a remote web site, and insert this data into a MySQL database with the help a simple PHP script.
Java » OS-Specific — over 4 years ago
Introduction to Android SQLite database tutorial. SQLite facilitates storing of structured data in private database. To handle tasks related to database we need a subclass of SQLiteOpenHelper. SQLite database of android application can be accessed by any class of that application.
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