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Newest Tutorials

Flash » Interactivity — over 10 years ago
With the increasing popularity of online video comes the increasing need to maximize the accessibility of its content. If your video contains relevant information, deaf or blind people should be able to get to it. And people who use exotic browsers or platforms should too. This doesn't mean you have to offer 20 different versions of your piece. A clever combination of the right formats, the SWFObject javascript and my Flash-based FLV Media Player can do the job as well.
Flash » Actionscript — over 10 years ago
There seems to be a lot of confusion about the code needed to properly embed Flash objects within a website: it's the most frequently asked question at this site's forum. The rise of social networking sites like Myspace (who filter lots of codes) and the Eolas patent enforcement have thrown quite some confusion into the mix. In this tutorial, I'll shortly align the best options to embed Flash.
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