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Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 5 years ago
Meet Adobe Camera RAW. Built into Photoshop, Camera RAW (or ACR as it’s commonly called) is one of the biggest arguments for shooting RAW. People used to say, “RAW files take too much work“, or “They’re too hard to process“. ACR eliminates those problems.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 5 years ago
Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your camera away! While many photographers dread the long winter months, winter is a great time for taking some spectacular images.
Photography » Accessories — about 5 years ago
Polaroid photography is generally not taken as professionally as digital and other analog formats, but with the right equipment and framework, instant photography can become just as viable an art form as any other.
Photography » Technique — about 5 years ago
Photographs that have a feeling of depth are dynamic and powerful. Capturing a photo with a sense of depth and perspective though, can be tricky. This is because photography is very much a two-dimensional art form.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 5 years ago
One special take on landscape photography is seascape photography. The coast features a good deal of variety and is easily accessible, both of which are great bonuses. If you live along the coast and are into photography, then, by all means, you can’t let such a rich opportunity pass you by.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 5 years ago
What exactly comes to mind when you think of a storm-chasing photographer? Most likely, you are visualizing an insane individual running across an open field towards a spinning vortex of doom. The reality shows for storm chasing have a flare for the dramatic and have many people visualizing a crazy scenario of chasing twisters across state lines. In actuality, it is quite a bit less dramatic.
Photography » Basics — about 5 years ago
One question that comes up often in photography circles is whether you should shoot in RAW or JPEG. For many of us, JPEG is a familiar mode and many cameras default to it as a format, but there are many advocates for RAW. There’s many reasons why people would choose one format over the other as it depends on your situation and stylistic requirements. However, what a lot of people might not understand is what each format means, and how exactly they are different from each other.
Photography » Composition — almost 5 years ago
Rules tend to get a lot of flak, but deep down inside, most of us know that rules are designed to make life better. With photography, it’s no exception. The rules of photography are based on general principles that create great photos. Sometimes though, the composition calls for the rules to be broken.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 5 years ago
Ah, the dreaded photographer’s block! More people may be familiar with the old writer’s block, but photographer’s block is just as impeding and equally frustrating! So how do you handle it? How do you banish it forever so that it never returns and you’re left alone to continue being the creative photographer you are?
Photography » Basics — almost 5 years ago
A photograph captures a moment in time in its actuality, whereas something like a painting or drawing, however accurate is essentially a rendering of whatever the artist chooses to see. But can photography itself ever be described as an art form? And more importantly, what is art?