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PHP » Installation and Configuration — over 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
As large internet companies fight to monetize your content, how you deliver and attribute that content becomes more and more important. This brief tutorial gives you simple methods for formatting and syndicating your RSS feeds effectively.
PHP » Security — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Cloudfront hotlinking is a huge problem that is finally fixable with a WAF firewall. This brief tutorial will show you how a web application firewall works & how to customize your Cloudfront delivery in short time.
PHP » Security — about 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Security begins with knowing your own weaknesses and web developers would really be wise to start probing those weaknesses with Nmap. This tutorial will show you how to install Nmap, walk you through basic commands & even includes a handy cheat sheet of all command options.