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Ruby » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hi Friends, Let's first discuss about debugging a code. During development, suppose you have pushed some changes, then you need to test each and every functionality to check whether your code breaks or not, which is actually impossible. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/Exception-Notifications-via-email-in-Rails/18611/#sthash.oYymNlBJ.dpuf
Java » Object Oriented Programming — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this blog, We will see how to configure CSRF protection and how to make AngularJS allowed to send information with a CSRF token to the server. In AngularJS, $http service reads a token from a cookie which is named by default XSRF-TOKEN and sets it in HTTP header with name X-XSRF-TOKEN. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/CSRF-with-Spring-and-AngularJS/12891
PHP » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
In Laravel, many times we may need to create a link to download sample CSV file. So that user can download sample CSV file from our website and upload correct formatted file. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/Laravel-5-0-Creating-Download-CSV-Link/9536/#sthash.W54C1Pnv.dpuf
JavaScript » Basics — almost 5 years ago — awaiting moderation
Like JavaScript expressions, AngularJS expressions can contain literals, operators, and variables. Unlike JavaScript expressions, AngularJS expressions can be written inside HTML. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/Difference-between-AngularJS-Expressions-and-JavaScript-Expressions-/13975/#sthash.VcQSgZNR.dpuf
Java » Object Oriented Programming — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Kanban view defined as “A kanban view shows a set of cards possibly grouped in columns” it is important for odoo module to describe xml functionality. For example you can see below code which is use in .xml file. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/Kanban-view-in-Odoo-9/12902/#sthash.n2e6VHTt.dpuf
PHP » Basics — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Sometimes we are required to do some changes in our core phtml files. Its a good habit of every Magento programmer to override the core file instead of the making change in the core file. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/OVERRIDE-LAYOUT-CORE-FILES-IN-MAGENTO/17598/#sthash.JtLWraXK.dpuf
JavaScript » Accessibility — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Making the google maps is not so difficult. Just to follow some code and google apis.We can make any location google map by using the code below. We have taken the example of dehradun location in India for making this google map. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-create-a-Basic-Google-Maps/17490/#sthash.ND5Ijsec.dpuf
Java » Basics — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
It is recommended that whenever one wants to download any file from server whether it is song or any image , it must perform in the background either by using asynctask or using a thread. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-download-file-from-server-in-android/6701/#sthash.X87BsS1j.dpuf
PHP » Basics — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hello Readers, If you want to convert the HTML to PDF read the below code: When we do this first of all we require the fpdf library file which can be downloaded from the official site of FPDF. - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-Convert-HTML-file-into-PDF-in-PHP/4637/#sthash.BpwrkNHr.dpuf
Java » Basics — about 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hi Readers! Today, in this section we are discussing about the code to launch the Apple Maps application and display the directions between 2 points on Map. Example 1: Display directions - See more at: http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-launch-Apple-Maps-from-iOS-app/16660/#sthash.RdKlEH1M.dpuf
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