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Newest Tutorials

CSS » Fluid Layouts — about 3 hours ago — awaiting moderation
In this tutorial you will learn how to create responsive tables, using CSS only with @media queries. The trick is very simple and easy to use in every page, but there will be few problems with tabular data.
JavaScript » Dynamic HTML — 3 months ago
If you ever wondered how a pop up banner appears in HTML pages or WordPress Sites, this tutorial will teach you how to do it the simple way.
Flash » Actionscript — 4 months ago
Learn how to use a movieclip as a timer to create a count up timer with some help from Actionscript 2.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 5 months ago
If you encountered any problem with qTranslate Plugin on line 455 after the WordPress core update to version 3.9, try this useful fix.
Learn how to create a simple scrolling sidebar with jQuery that follows your screen when you scroll down after a certain amount of height in pixels.
Photoshop » Drawing — 7 months ago
Learn how to combine shapes in Photoshop into one single shape. This technique is great when you work with multiple shapes and you want to merge all shapes into one single shape.
Flash » Animation — 7 months ago
In this tutorial your will learn how to create a Windows 98 loading bar animation in Flash with two types of loading bar: rectangle bars and full bar.
PHP » Content Management Systems — 8 months ago
In this WordPress tutorial you will learn how to add target="_blank" to links from user comment and to author name link, so you can open these links in a new window.
Photoshop » Text Effects — 9 months ago
In this simple tutorial you will learn how to create a snow covered text effect in Photoshop using Pen Tool, with every object as vector.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — 9 months ago
Learn to create a simple vertical drop down menu in html and css with 3 levels deep, working in all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 7.
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