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Devin Olsen


Joined about 10 years ago.

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avatardevinrayolsen almost 10 years ago

cool beans man - thanks zachholman

avatardevinrayolsen almost 10 years ago

Hi Zach, I am in the same boat as Pegaweb. I create a array of tutorials that range from beginner to advance and for the first time I had one of my tutorials rejected. I don't know why cause it was titled and aimed for a intermediate CSS level.

It was a part two of a three series tutorial and my first one one "the basics of CSS" went off with out a hitch. Now I have this second one two meet this fine line you speak of and it got rejected.

Have you thought about the fact that people can have multiple accounts with good-tutorials through different emails. The individuals are coming back under each account to rate specific tutorials lower in order to a) get a leg up on the rating system in their own tutorials and b)get the tutorial out of the que and never to be being posted.

Any ideas how to prevent this?

avatardevinrayolsen almost 10 years ago

This is not only a tutorial but a free online layout builder!!

avatardevinrayolsen about 10 years ago

ellisgl true, I guess. I was looking at the rules point of view and not the styles. There are less than 10 CSS rules to accomplish this layout.