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Newest Tutorials

JavaScript » Ajax — almost 7 years ago
"Famax displays your complete Facebook Fanpage data on your website! You can post images/videos on your fanpage and it will be reflected on your webpage. You can customize Famax UI as per your requirement. Ex: Set Famax columns to 3 to display a Pinboard kindof view; set Famax columns to 2 to display a timeline kindof view, or set Famax columns to 1 to display a widget kindof view... and so on... "
JavaScript » Ajax — about 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Introducing a plugin that will extract tumblr blog post feeds from any tumblr blog you specify, and display the same in a widget on your website. You can use this plugin as a service to display notifications from your tumblr blog onto your website. The widget also has the tumblr follow button, thus making it social. Let me know suggestions on this, if any! 
JavaScript » Ajax — about 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
"This script - will get the geographic location of any user on your website and display a weather status of that particular location on your website. - the weather status is pulled using APIs exposed by wunderground.com. - weather status of the current day and the next three days is pulled and available to this widget. - you may then choose the number days (min 1 to max 4) for which you want to display the status."
JavaScript » Ajax — about 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
"Pimax displays a photo gallery from your Picasa/G+ albums. The Public albums are pulled from your account and dsiplayed on your website. You can add a public album or add some images to your G+ account; it will be reflected on your website with this plugin! You can also add tabs in Pimax for a specific albums you want to highlight. (Like I have a tab for ""cH Best"" album in my live demo!) "
JavaScript » Ajax — over 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
"This script - pulls events that you create in your public Google calendar and displays them on your website. - you may choose how many events to display at a time. - each event box can show the event start date-time, timezone, location of the event, summary and description of the event. - each event box has a link to the original event you defined in your calendar."
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
"This script - allows users on your webpage to save any text (selected using a mouse), directly to their dropbox account. - there is also an option to save the complete webpage to their dropbox account. - authenticates users with dropbox if not already logged in."
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 7 years ago
"This script - uses OAuth in a jquery plugin to authenticate users on your website using their Dropbox account credentials. - pulls the user details from its Dropbox account and displays the same on your webpage. - has logout facility."
HTML » Document Structure — over 7 years ago
So, i had to set up a subdomain for my demo links to javascript/jquery plugins. My blog Url is - "http://codehandling.com". My demo links pointed to a link like "http://codehandling.comoj.com/demoUrl.html" Now I want my demo Url to point to something like "http://demos.codehandling.com/demoUrl.html"
JavaScript » Cross-Browser Development — over 7 years ago
This jquery plugin displays a textbox to enter text. When you enter a URL in the textbox, the plugin creates a data box for a link having the link title, description and an image. The plugin works like a URL scrapper and these scrapped values about the URL are available to you as javascript variables.
Java » JSP and Servlets — over 7 years ago — reviewed, not listed
Every business and most blogs now have their own facebook fan page. Now I introduce, Facio - a new jQuery plugin that creates a widget on your website. This widget will have the recent feeds of your fan page and will also display what other people are talking about it. A like box for the fan page is also displayed in the widget. Just include this plugin, specify your fan page URL and expose social content of your fan page on your website!
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