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avatarZestinnovation 2 months ago

Talking of printing we could help promote these trainers with signage Derby and sign printing Derbyshire to help sell the trainers in these areas.

avatarZestinnovation 3 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

Will ask our friend at the aesthetics clinic in Leeds to start using some of these tips when tweeting about botox or laser hair removal. It will also be useful to share information about non surgical bbl and dermal fillers as they are hot topics at the moment for aesthetic treatment.Hair loss is also being searched and tweeted a lot. Not just in Leeds but also for laser hair removal Horsforth

avatarZestinnovation 3 months ago
Original Post: Tweeting Again

Yes great news about tweeting again worth sharing with 3d printing service and the injection moulding bristol department who will no doubt speak to rapid prototyping to ge on with it sharpish!