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п»їDo you want to go further in your training? Vary your dominated We all know that the dominated ones are a very demanding movement but at the same time of great effectiveness for the work of the back. That is why if you have already achieved your first domination and want to go further in your training, we leave you some ideas to vary this exercise. Why vary your dominated? The dominated classics are, in themselves, an exercise that will allow you to see results, since the demand and high demand that this movement implies for our muscles are the key to progress. However, if you have already managed to do at least 10 consecutive taps and you have a good technique for executing this exercise, it is time to continue moving forward. And for this, the variety in the routine or small changes in the movements are very helpful. In addition, varying your dominated involves focusing the effort on different muscles or involving other parts of the body for its realization depending on the alternative we put into practice. Therefore, to go further in your training vary your dominated can be a great resource. Variants to the classic dominated To work different muscles of the arms and back, and also, request abdominal, lumbar, hip flexors or even, quadriceps and femoral, we can vary our dominated. By changing the grip, the position of the hands, the way we raise and lower the body, the position of the legs or the entire body, we can achieve different variants to the classic dominated ones as those shown in the following video: With the explosive variants, we will burn more calories and work in addition to strength, muscular power, while with the legs in "L" we will request to a greater extent the effort of the abdominals and quadriceps, in addition to muscles of the back and arms. With the "chinup" we will request biceps and other muscles and not just triceps and brachials as we do with traditional domination. And depending on the inclination of the body, that is, how much more horizontal or parallel to the ground we place ourselves, we can also work pectorals and shoulders in addition to the back. Clearly the possibilities are many and very demanding, allowing us to achieve a new challenge for the muscles that helps us to progress in our training. What if I don't have a bar? If you want to do different dominated but you do not go to the gym and you do not have a bar from which to execute this movement, there is always another alternative. We can work with homemade elements and / or only with our body and also put into practice different dominated, such as those shown by our colleagues in VitГіnica in the following video: To perform sliders we can place on our feet "sliders" or towels and with the body lying face down, we pull with our arms to execute a dominated on the floor. Without any equipment and only with our body we can perform dominated in self-loading, unloading and with one arm, to which we can add load such as, for example, a backpack loaded with books on our backs to achieve weighted ballasts. Also, we can move while executing the dominated without a bar on the ground and add movement to this exercise that is also possible at home. You know, if you have managed to control the dominated and you want to go further in your training, here are different ways to vary this exercise to progress at a steady pace with your practice. Do you dare to try them? Videos | FitnessFAQs and Weblogssl Image | iStock

avatarSumoVal about 1 year ago

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Sexist language to describe women We are not always aware that we use terms, adjectives or expressions sexistly, that is, with an intrinsic negative connotation to refer to women. We offer you a list with some of these words. We are not always aware that we use terms, adjectives or expressions sexistly, that is, with an intrinsic negative connotation to refer to women. We offer you a list with some of these words. Women increasingly enjoy equal rights with their male counterparts. However, this gender parity has not yet been achieved in all the plots that make up life. One of them is linguistics. Just listen to a daily conversation to discover that the usual language is full of sexist connotations and terms that perpetuate stereotyped concepts of women, or, in the worst case, denigrate them, dissipating more if that equality sought at all life levels. We offer you a compendium of 10 adjectives, with their corresponding meanings offered by the Royal Spanish Academy, which are used with a negative or pejorative connotation in formal or professional slang to designate the female gender. Sexist terms that, unfortunately, men and women use too lightly today, perpetuating more if possible that strip that separates them. 1. Mandona: ‘That he has too much authority and sends more than his turn'. Who has heard of a man with the bossy adjective? 2. Cold: ‘Indifferent to sexual pleasure'. Because men always want to have sex, right? 3. Witch: ‘Woman who, according to vulgar opinion, has a pact with the devil and, therefore, extraordinary powers'. Also ‘In traditional children's stories, ugly and evil women, who have magical powers and who can usually fly mounted on a broom', and even ‘ugly and old woman'. In fact, the SAR does not conceive its masculine form by entering the term in the SAR search engine, as it does with other words, for which it gives a gender option. Thus, when looking for ‘sorcerer' (the RAE makes the annotation that this term comes from its feminine meaning, by the way) it is indicated that it is an adjective that means ‘Bewitching, that spells' or something ‘False, fraudulent'. Also that he is a ‘Man who is attributed magical powers obtained from the devil' or ‘Sorcerer supposedly endowed with magical powers in certain cultures'. The multiple definitions do not refer to physical or emotional issues of man, as if it occurs with the adjective ‘witch'. 4. Dramatic: ‘Theatrical, affected', ‘That he has characters from the drama, or that is apt or convenient for him'. This adjective is usually used sexistly to refer to women, rarely used to designate a man. 5. Crazy: ‘Informal and light woman in her relations with men' or ‘prostitute' (the latter, as colloquial adjective in Argentina and Uruguay). On the other hand, the SAR includes in this same section 'crazy to bind', an expression that means: ‘Said of a person: That in his actions he proceeds as crazy'. However, if we refer to a man with this same construction, wouldn't the correct way be crazy to tie? 6. Frigid: ‘Who suffers from frigidity (absence of desire or sexual enjoyment)'. However, this adjective is rarely used to qualify the male gender when they want to deprive themselves of sex. It is assumed that they always want to have sex for the simple fact of being men. 7. Bitch: ‘prostitute'. If you look for in the SAR the adjective ‘dog' is defined as ten Tenacious, firm and constant man in some opinion or company '. Also as ‘despicable person', but in no case as ‘prostitute' or ‘promiscuous man'. 8. Loba: ‘Sensually attractive woman'. ‘Lobo', meanwhile, is defined as 'Sensually attractive man'. This evidences a certain parity in the term, although not in its daily use, since, being frank, it is more common to hear the feminine form used in a pejorative way, than the masculine one with the same connotation. 9. Whore: ‘prostitute' in its feminine sense, while in the masculine one, it refers to the ‘man who has a partner with a person of his sex'. In no case is fucking conceived as a 'prostitute' or 'man who has sex in exchange for money'. 10. Mojigata: ‘Blessed feat who scruples everything'. In this case, the SAR does put the male and female forms on equal terms. However, it could be said that in its colloquial use, it is used more often to designate a woman who is very puritanical in sexual terms, and not the man.

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